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  • Vision and Goals


    STLHE strives to be the pre-eminent national voice, and a world leader, for enhancing teaching and learning in higher education. STLHE supports research, its dissemination, increased awareness, and application of research through scholarly teaching and learning.

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  • History


    If you are interested in learning about how the Society got started, the people involved, the origins of the 3M National Teaching Fellowships Program, please join the conversation between founding STLHE President Chris Knapper and 3M Program Coordinator Dale Roy.

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  • Partnerships


    The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) continues to evolve as a national organization with strength and vision rooted in the active, dynamic collaboration with current and future partners.

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  • Past Presidents


    Read the personal reflections of each of the Society’s past presidents.

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  • Board of Directors


    The Board of Directors are elected representatives from the various regions in Canada to oversee the Society’s activities. The Board is responsible for setting the Society’s general policies and achieving the said goals.

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  • News & Updates


    Find out about the Society’s latest news, information about upcoming events, teaching tips and interesting articles.

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  • Current President

    Lapp FeatureImage

    Robert Lapp became President of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) in June 2014 at the end of his term as President-elect. The term of office is three years, with an overlapping fourth […]

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  • Reports and Brochures

    Reports Feature image

    Annual Reports 2009 STLHE Annual Report 2010 STLHE Annual Report 2011 STLHE Annual Report—English 2011 STLHE Annual Report—French 2012 STLHE Annual Report Audited Financial Statements 2012 Draft Audited Financial Statements (for approval at the 2013 […]

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  • Teaching and Learning Canada


    STLHE Extends Its Reach On Higher Education Issues We are very excited to officially announce the creation of Teaching and Learning Canada/ Apprentissage Médiation Enseignement Canada (TLC/AME)*, a charitable arm of the Society where your […]

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