About Us

Cross Campus Collaborations is the result of a collaborative project of the 2020 3M National Student Fellows. This project brings together specific goals of STLHE and 3M Canada, such as addressing the future of postsecondary education; specific actions for encouraging diverse perspectives and engagement to support diversity and inclusion in postsecondary education; and knowledge mobilization by fostering collaborations for innovative thinking. The aim of this project is to:
1. Enhance national collaboration and bridge geographic divides across student groups by creating a resource hub;
2. Unify student leaders in their efforts to transform higher education and inspire positive teaching and learning experiences;
3. Ensure equal access to all students to take part in advocacy groups;
4. Provide a safe and moderated platform for students to share their ideas; and
5. Encourage student leaders to design collaborative projects that are impactful and benefit Canadians.
We look forward to many engaging conversations.
2020 3M National Student Fellows

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