STLHE is a large community composed of those committed to excellence in teaching and learning in higher education. Within this broad community, members can also join Constituency Groups, Special Interest Groups, and Teaching and Learning Networks.


Constituencies are communities of practice whose mission is to work within the aims and structure of the Society to advance the Society’s purposes. They are responsible for ensuring that their respective initiatives and activities are aligned and consistent with the goals and purposes of the Society.

Special Interest Group (SIG)

SIGs are groups representing special interests in higher education that Members wish to promote. They are member-led and national or international in scope.

Teaching and Learning Network (TLN)

TLNs are member-led networks that are regional, national, or international in scope and teaching and learning focused. They provide a forum to create awareness; initiate conversation; explore and exchange ideas, insights, and perspectives; create collegial connections; share or develop resources and so on with others engaged in teaching and learning. 

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