The STLHE Board approved the revision of the by-law on April 22, 2021. The revised by-law will be brought to the membership at the STLHE AGM on June 18, 2021.

For more information and to register for the Information Session, please visit the STLHE By-law Info Session event page.

By-law No. 1 (Approved at the STLHE AGM June 23, 2016)

A By-law relating generally to the transaction of activities and affairs of The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education | la Société pour l’avancement de la pédagogie dans l’enseignement supérieur
(the “Society”) 

Article 1: Definitions and Interpretation

Article 2: Business of the Society

Article 3: Board of Directors

Article 4: Meetings of Directors

Article 5: Committees

Article 6: Affiliated Groups

Article 7: Officers

Article 8: Public Accountant

Article 9: Protection of Directors, Officers and Others

Article 10: Membership

Article 11: Meeting of Members

Article 12: Amendment of By-law

Article 13: Dispute Resolution

Article 14: Miscellaneous

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