15.1 Method of Giving Notice

(a) A notice or document required by the Act, the Articles or the By-law, to be sent to a Member or Director of the Society may be sent by prepaid mail addressed to, or may be personally delivered to, the individual’s last recorded address as recorded on the books of the Society, or may be sent electronically, subject to compliance with the Act and this By-law. A notice or document mailed in accordance with this Section 15.1 to a Member or Director of the Society is deemed to be received by the addressee at the time it would be delivered in the ordinary course of mail unless there are reasonable grounds for believing that the addressee did not receive the notice or document at that time or at all. A notice or document sent electronically shall be deemed to have been received if sent in compliance with the Act and this By-law.

(b) The accidental omission to give any notice to any Member, Director, Officer, public accountant or member of a committee of the Board or the non-receipt of any notice by any such person or any error in any notice not affecting the substance thereof will not invalidate any action taken at any meeting held pursuant to or otherwise founded on that notice.

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