Rules and Regulations of Teaching and Learning Networks

All members of a Teaching and Learning Network must be Members of the Society. To maintain active status as a Teaching and Learning Network, the group must maintain at least eight members from multiple institutions or regions at all times and prepare and submit an annual report (January 1–December 31), documenting:

  • group activities and accomplishments from the previous year;
  • projected goals for the coming year;
  • a current membership list;
  • the name(s) and contact information of the group leader(s) or convenor(s) (up to two);
  • an accounting of any funds raised or received in support of Network activities; and
  • anticipated support needs for the coming year.

Annual reports are submitted to the Chair of the Standing Committee for Partnerships who forwards them to the Secretary of the Society no later than January 31, following the year being reported. The Board may withdraw its recognition of a Teaching and Learning Network (Article 6.3—Dissolution of Affiliated Groups) if active status is not maintained by the Network or its annual report fails to demonstrate active progress toward meeting its goals and purpose.

Individual Networks must reapply for Teaching and Learning Network status every three years and include joining instructions and information about the Network on the Society’s website.

Subject to approval by the Board, and under the control of the Board, Teaching and Learning Networks may raise and/or receive funds to carry out its activities.

The Chair for the Standing Committee for Partnerships works consultatively with the conference host(s) and Teaching and Learning Networks to coordinate meeting space and other supports, as needed and available, at the Society’s annual conference.

A Teaching and Learning Network may dissolve at any time by way of written notice to the Chair of the Standing Committee for Partnerships and the names and signatures of at least 60% of its members. Article 6.3 outlines the means by which the Society may dissolve a Teaching and Learning Group.

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