Overall Aim:

The Teaching-Stream Faculty affiliated group is designed to bring together those scholars who enrich teaching in our disciplines in the context of a teaching-stream position. These positions have emerged at universities across Canada (and beyond) and in all disciplines. Our purpose is to provide a national, cross-disciplinary forum promoting and advocating for the interests and priorities of teaching-stream colleagues, and promote teaching excellence at Canadian universities.

TLN Goals:

  • Build a collaborative community for faculty in primarily teaching positions
  • Provide a forum to exchange ideas and networking opportunities
  • Celebrate colleagues’ achievements
  • Develop strategies to promote the value of teaching-stream positions at our own institutions and beyond
  • Share and problem-solve challenges unique to teaching-stream positions
  • Network with other STLHE scholars engaging in SoTL research

For more information or to join Teaching-Stream Faculty Network, contact Bruce Ravelli at teachstreamTLN@stlhe.ca.

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