Overall Aim:

SciTL aims to provide a mechanism for the exchange and development of ideas around science teaching and learning, to facilitate networking for the purpose of scholarship, and to advocate, as needed, for science education.

TLN Objectives:

  • Provide a Forum for ongoing sharing of ideas, innovations, questions, and research across the country and across, as well as within, scientific disciplines
  • Provide a network for those interested in connecting with others for the purpose of teaching innovation, research, and scholarship
  • Provide an opportunity to develop a voice for scholarly post-secondary science teaching and learning in Canada
  • Develop liaisons with similar networks and working groups globally
  • Create a space where discussion around the science-society connection can develop as this linkage continues to grow and evolves globally

For more information or to join SciTL Network, contact Anne Marie Ryan or Mary Power at scitl@stlhe.ca.

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