D2L Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning
As of 2023, the guidelines for the D2L Innovation in Teaching and Learning award have been amended to recognize collaborative innovations. Please review the updated application process and expectations for submissions. If you are an individual applicant focused on innovation, we refer you to the 3M National Teaching Fellowship offered through STLHE. Learn more about…
3M National Student Fellowship
The 3M National Student Fellowship honours up to ten full-time diploma and undergraduate students at Canadian post-secondary institutions who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their lives, at their post-secondary institution. These students embrace a vision of education that enhances their academic experience and beyond.
Christopher Knapper Lifetime Achievement Award
In 2002, STLHE created this award to honour individuals who have, over their career, made significant contributions to teaching, learning and educational development in Canadian higher education. The first recipient, Christopher Knapper, was the founding president of STLHE and a member of the Society’s Board of Directors for 20 years.
3M National Teaching Fellowship
In 1986, the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) and 3M Canada partnered to recognize exceptional contributions to teaching and learning in Canadian post-secondary education. The community of 3M National Teaching Fellows embodies the highest ideals of teaching excellence and scholarship with a commitment to encourage and support the educational experience of every learner.
College Sector Educator Award — RETIRED
The College Sector Educator Award was retired in 2017. It recognized individuals at Canadian colleges and equivalent institutions (polytechnics, cégeps, institutes, etc.). STLHE created this prestigious award to celebrate individuals who promote and support the development of their peers and/or the Canadian college sector with regard to teaching excellence. The eligibility to apply for a…
Alan Blizzard Award – RETIRED
As of 2022, the Alan Blizzard Award has been retired. The Alan Blizzard Award was established to encourage, identify, and publicly recognize those whose exemplary collaboration in teaching enhances student learning. The Award honours Dr. Alan Blizzard, STLHE President from 1987 to 1995, and his convictions about the effectiveness of collaboration in team teaching for…
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