8.1 Committees

The Board will establish those committees described in its Operating Policies, and may establish other committees on such terms and conditions as the Board deems appropriate. Subject to the Operating Policies, members of committees will hold their offices at the discretion of the Board.

8.2 Rules Governing Committees

Subject to the By-Law of the Society, all Committees other than the Executive Committee are subject to the requirements listed below: 

(a) the chair and members shall be appointed by the Board;

(b) at least one (1) Director shall be appointed to serve on each Committee;

(c) a member of a Committee shall serve for a term ending at the commencement of the Annual Meeting following appointment, and is eligible for reappointment for one (1) or more additional terms;

(d) each Committee shall meet at least annually, and more frequently at the will of its chair or as required by its terms of reference, and as requested by the Board;

(e) each Committee shall be responsible to, and report after each meeting to, the Board; or

(f) subject to any rules established by the Board, each Committee may establish its own rules of procedure and may appoint subcommittees.

8.3 Limits on Authority of Committee

No committee, including the Executive Committee, has authority to:

(a) submit to the Members any question or matter requiring approval of the Members;

(b) fill a vacancy among the Directors or in the office of Public Accountant or appoint additional Directors;

(c) issue debt obligations except as authorized by the Board;

(d) approve any financial statements;

(e) adopt, amend or repeal any By-Law; or

(f) establish contributions to be made, or dues to be paid, by Members.

8.4 Standing Committees

There shall be a Nominating Committee at any time there is no Executive Committee.  There may be such other Standing Committees and for such purposes as the Board or the Executive Committee may determine by Ordinary Resolution.

8.5 Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall:

(a) consider all applications and prepare a slate of one (1) or more candidates for each position which will be vacant and for which an election will be held at or before the Annual Meeting;

(b) accept any additional written nominations for elected office any time prior to the holding of annual elections; and

(c) make recommendations to the Board of names of persons to fill vacancies in office or on the Board or on committees, except the Executive Committee, that occur throughout the year.

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