Summary of minutes

The Board approved unanimously an advocacy and outreach restricted fund of $210,000 based on the STLHE proposed activities and expenditures June 2018 document. The Board further moved that the conference surplus is moved annually into that advocacy and outreach fund. 

Reports were received from EDC, Bilingualism, SoTL Canada, CSEC, and Awards. 

A motion was approved unanimously to suspend CSEC as a constituency group effective June 19, 2018 as a result of its inability to fulfill the rules and regulations of a constituency group.  

A visit from the STLHE 2018 Organizing Committee for the annual conference was received (Corinne Haigh and Denis Bedard) and there was an update on the STLHE 2020 conference proposal process.  

There was discussion of STLHE awards, and the eligibility for the 3MNSF was amended (by unanimous motion) to full-time enrollment in a Canadian post-secondary institution to ensure fair access to both college and university students.

The Christopher Knapper Outstanding Volunteer Award was renamed the STLHE Outstanding Volunteer Award, effective June 18, 2018. 

The Pat Rogers Poster Award was renamed the Pat Rogers SoTL Poster Award under the adjudication of SoTL Canada.  

A multi-year sponsorship framework for the annual conference was agreed unanimously. 

Revisions to Policy 7 were agreed unanimously. 

A motion to approve a Science Teaching and Learning proposal to become a SIG was approved unanimously. 

A one-time payment to CJSoTL for French copy-editing for the fall 2018 special edition was approved unanimously.

This summary of minutes was prepared by:

Miriam Carey
Secretary, STLHE

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