Summary of minutes

The Board approved the language revisions to the bylaw as required by its motions of the March 25 meeting, which revisions have been reviewed by our legal counsel on governance, Ms. Jordyn Allen of Miller Thomson, who attended our meeting to answer any questions arising.  Jordyn confirmed that these are not substantial changes, but are largely procedural and for clarification purposes; the new language matches the provisions of the Act. Additionally, the Board unanimously adopted a new Directors’ Responsibilities form and committed to signing the form within one week.  Jordyn confirmed that this represents best practice in non-profit governance.  The Board discussed the recurring concern with the use of two listservs, neither of which is under STLHE’s actual control, and committed itself to looking at these two listservs at its next meeting.  Two Town Halls were again posited as possibilities: one on EDI issues and one on governance.  The unconference fees were reduced.

This summary of minutes was prepared by:

Miriam Carey
Secretary, STLHE

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