1. Purpose

To establish procedures and approval requirements for procurement of goods and services by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE or the Society).

2. Scope

This policy applies to all expenditures made by the Society with the exception of expenditures related to travel which falls under Policy 8 – Travel.

3. General Principles

Procurement of goods and services by the Society shall be conducted in a manner that:

  1. avoids conflict of interest;
  2. treats suppliers fairly;
  3. protects business confidential information;
  4. encourages the best value for money spent by the Society;
  5. is subject to procedural controls to ensure expenditures are duly authorized, within the approved Budget, and consistent with STLHE policies where these are applicable; and
  6. uses standard documents to facilitate record-keeping and audit processes.
4. Solicitation of Quotes

In respect of goods and services with a value of more than $20,000, the solicitation of three quotes is required. For the purposes of this requirement, where a contract for one service (such as selection of a hotel for a meeting) predictably entails the procurement of associated services from that supplier (e.g., meeting room, catering etc.), the rolled-up value of the expected expenses is the value for the determination of the need for three quotes. In the instance where only one supplier is available to meet operational needs, or uniquely positioned to meet operational needs in the most cost effective way, three quotes are not required, but every effort must be made to abide by the principles outlined in this policy. 

5. Guiding Principles for Soliciting Quotes

Sound procurement procedures shall be followed for all significant purchases, including:

  1. defining the business need,
  2. identifying qualified suppliers,
  3. soliciting competitive quotes where feasible and practical,
  4. establishing objective criteria applicable in the circumstances and evaluating the quotes according to these criteria; and
  5. negotiating the best possible terms for the Society.

This policy was revised by the Board at its November 12, 2021 meeting.

The board approved this policy on March 25, 2021.

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