The STLHE administrative unit reports to the Chair of the Board and carries out the day-to-day operations of the Society, including:

  • managing Society correspondence;
  • maintaining Society records; and
  • maintaining the suite of online tools and services selected by the Society for communication, file hosting, website and membership management.

The administrative unit also provides support to Executive and Board members in support of their respective portfolios.

1. Administrative assistance to the Board and Executive Committee

The Administrative Unit attends the Society’s Annual General meeting (AGM), Special Meetings, Board Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings and, in consultation with the Chair and Secretary:

  • prepares a schedule of meetings;
  • distributes notices of meetings, meeting agendas, supporting documents; and
  • assists the Secretary in preparing minutes for these meetings.

In consultation with the Treasurer, the Administrative Unit:

  • assists with the preparation of the budget;
  • assists with the audit of the Society’s financial records, monthly or quarterly statements (as required); and
  • manages the day-to-day financial operations of the Society.

In consultation with the Secretary, the Administrative Unit:

  • acts as web coordinator for the Society’s website and domain;
  • maintains a current membership list;
  • coordinates membership renewals;
  • coordinates the updating of members’ profiles;
  • maintains the files and records of the Society; and
  • assists with preparation of the Society and Affiliated Group annual reports for the AGM of the Society.

The Administrative Unit assists the:

  • Awards Chair and Awards Coordinators with the call for nominations, collation and distribution of nomination packages to Awards coordinators, and publicity of the Society’s awards;
  • Publication Chair with the election and administration of Editorial Boards, publication and publicity of STLHE journals and miscellaneous publications;
  • STLHE Nominations Committee with filling positions, by appointment or election, on the Board, Executive Committee or of Awards co-ordinators and the preparation, distribution, and counting of ballots for election or ratification of positions; and
  • Partnerships Chair by coordinating signatures on agreements through paper or electronic means, as necessary; relaying a final copy of the signed agreement to the Partnerships Chair for filing and other as per Policy 7, section 3.
2. Administrative assistance to Affiliated groups

The administrative unit coordinates any of the following resources for Affiliated Groups as defined in Article 6.

Service providedConstituencySIGTLN
Preparing ballots and email notifications in French and English for election of the Executive of Special Interest Groups and Constituencies, as required.
Providing a mailing list and distributing email notifications to members of Affiliated Groups. (Individual members are required to identify themselves as a member of the Affiliated Group in their membership profile in the STLHE Membership Centre.
Creating a email alias.
Providing access to the Society’s subscribed file hosting service. All files of the Affiliated Group to whom this service applies must maintain their Group’s documents/files on this site.
Coordinating access to the Society’s subscribed project management service (or the like). It is recommended that Affiliated Groups use this service to conduct their business (e.g., share/comment on documents, communicate meeting dates, other).
Providing access to the Society’s subscribed service for online meetings of the Executive of the Affiliated Group.
Creating a web presence for the Affiliated Group on the STLHE website. This may take the form of a webpage within the domain or a link from the domain to an externally hosted and paid for site procured by the Affiliated Group. The Affiliated Group is responsible for populating and maintaining currency of its web presence.
Administering online registration and payment for events hosted or sponsored by an Affiliated Group. Affiliated Groups are responsible for event costs, including credit card fees.
A time slot at the Annual STLHE conference for an AGM, plenary session, or gathering of the Affiliated Groups’ members.
As required, and with the Treasurer, support with preparation of an Affiliated Group’s budget – for inclusion in the STLHE budget, and the recording of revenue and expenses of the Affiliated group.
Other administrative assistance as approved by the Board.
SIG — Special Interest Group
TLN — Teaching and Learning Network

This policy was revised by the Board at its November 12, 2021 meeting.

Revised by the Board, February 2019.
Approved by the Board June 20, 2016.

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