Volunteers, staff and service providers with the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) may, through the course of their duties, obtain information from, be exposed to information, or have disclosed to them information by STLHE members, staff, volunteers or Board members relating to past, present or future activities of the STLHE and its members, award nominees and service providers.

Personal Information is any information about an “identifiable individual”.

Confidential Information is any information which is designated by STLHE as confidential.

STLHE volunteers, staff and service providers are required to at all times respect the confidentiality and privacy of members, award nominees, event attendees, students, volunteers and service providers, and the confidential nature of the business of the STLHE including in-camera discussions and information. As such, they are asked to sign a Confidentiality Undertaking acknowledging this policy.   

To protect personal and confidential information, volunteers, staff and service providers will:

  • Not disclose or allow the disclosure of any confidential information, data or material to which thy are exposed, irrespective of whether such information is transmitted verbally or in writing or otherwise, except to others so authorized to discuss the confidential information.  
  • Closely protect confidential information to prevent it being inappropriately accessed, used or disclosed either directly, or by virtue of a password to systems, or by breaches in physical security.
  • If becoming aware of any violation of confidentiality, or lose any record containing confidential information or any key or other item that could be used to violate confidentiality, notify the Executive Director at the first reasonable opportunity.
  • Dispose of any and all written material in such a manner as to prevent its loss or inappropriate disclosure to third parties.
  • Upon completing tenure, resignation, or removal from the position with STLHE, destroy or return all confidential material previously made available.
  • Only access, use, transfer or disclose private and confidential information as required by the duties of my position with STLHE and will cooperate with the STLHE in any audit or investigation relating to confidential information and to provide any records requested in connection with such audits or investigations.
  • Not use any confidential information for personal benefit or for any improper purpose.

The conditions outlined in this policy and Confidentiality Undertaking will remain in force even once the individual ceases to have an association with STLHE.

Unauthorized disclosure of confidential or privileged information is a serious violation of this policy and will subject the person(s) who made the unauthorized disclosure to appropriate discipline, including removal/dismissal.

This policy was revised by the Board at its November 12, 2021 meeting.

Approved by the Board, 17 April 2020

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