Before submitting your application, please ensure your application addresses the following formatting and submission requirements.

Submission Format:

  1. 8 ½ x 11 paper
  2. 12-point font
  3. Maximum 25 pages (10 additional pages of supporting documentation permitted).

Submission Checklist:

  1. Completed application website form and included application cover page in dossier (not part of page count)
  2. Institutional letter of endorsement from a senior academic administrator such as your institution’s Provost, Associate Vice President or Vice President Academic, Associate Vice President or Vice President Teaching and Learning
  3. Description of, rationale for (e.g., impetus to initiate), and pedagogical framework underlying the innovation situated in the discipline/field of study
  4. Documented impact of innovation on teaching, student learning, curriculum development, or other
  5. Supporting documentation evidencing impact (e.g., letters of support, curricular changes at course/program level, adoption by others, scholarly research, etc.)
  6. Digital photo (150 dpi or greater) of applicant suitable for print/online publication submitted separately from dossier (not part of page count)

Refer to the D2L Innovation Award Webpage for Complete Application Information:

Submission Deadline: Friday February 26, 2021

The completed application, including the application cover page and supporting documentation should be submitted in a single PDF file on or before the deadline at The photo should be submitted as a separate JPG file.

Please ensure that the file name includes the applicant’s name. For example:
D2L_LASTNAME, FirstName 

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