All nominations are vetted for completeness prior to being circulated to the adjudication committee. The adjudication committee is organized and chaired by the STLHE award coordinator for the D2L Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning.

A maximum of ten and minimum of five individuals comprise the adjudication committee. All committee members must be current STLHE members in good standing.

Every effort is made to assemble a committee that is diverse (e.g., institutionally, geographically, discipline/area of study) and includes at least one member who is/has:

  1. registered as a student in a post-secondary or training institution;
  2. previously received the D2L award (formerly named Brightspace Innovation Award); and
  3. fluent in English and French.

Depending on the number of adjudicators and submissions received, each committee member will review and evaluate all or a subset of applications. In the event of a conflict of interest, the committee member shall not evaluate the award applicant or participate in the discussion of that candidate.

Each committee member shall evaluate their assigned applications using a rubric. To aid in the assessment process, adjudicators will participate in a joint online meeting to collectively review and assess one application using the provided rubric. Any questions or procedural matters will be addressed at that time.

Following this first online meeting, each adjudicator will assess their assigned applications and submit their scores (up to five) to the award coordinator. Typically, the adjudication committee is given two to three weeks to complete their initial evaluation. The data from each adjudicator is organized and summarized by the D2L award coordinator. Based on scoring submissions, a second round of review (a smaller subset of applications) may be required prior to the final online meeting, at which time the top scored applicants are reviewed and up to five recipients selected.

Successful and unsuccessful candidates are notified shortly after the selection process is completed.

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