Cheryl Jeffs (Spring 2017 grant) – Formative Feedback for Teaching Development: Resources, Strategies and Techniques  [Proposal; InterimFinal; Resource] 

Alison Jeppesen, Kasey Fulton, & Jennifer Thomas (Spring 2017 grant) – The Canadian Context of Faculty Development Programs for Teaching Online in PSE  [Proposal; Interim; Final]

Patrick Lyons, Nectaria Karagiozis, Dragana Polovina-Vukovic, Rosella Ingriselli (Spring 2017 grant) – Faculty members’ attitudes towards the use of high impact practices.  [Proposal; Interim Report; Final Report; Results; Presentation]

Robyne Hanley-Dafoe & Michael Jorgensen (Spring 2017 grant) – Teaching Scholars’ Table research project  [Proposal; Interim; Final]

Frances Kalu, Lindsay Penner, Kelly Hoglund (Spring 2017 grant) – Academic Program Development and Review Guide  [Proposal]

Klodiana Kolomitro (Fall 2017 grant) – Models for Preventing Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Amongst Educational Developers  [Proposal]

Gesa Ruge, Dieter Schönwetter, Coraline McCormack, Robert Kennelly (Fall 2017 grant) – What is the value of a teaching philosophy for today’s academics and their institutions?  [Proposal; Interim; Resource]

Cindy Xin, Vaseline Jungic, Miroslav Lovric (Fall 2017 grant) – First Year Mathematics Courses Repository. [Proposal; Final]

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