Megan Burnett (2007 grant) – Development of Teaching Measures and Web-based Questionnaires for Study of Effectiveness of Teaching Assistants Training Program’s Certificate Program  [Proposal; Interim; Final] 

Russell Day (2007 grant) – Instructional Skills Workshop Facilitator ‘Communities’: Institutional, National, and International  [Proposal]

Trevor Holmes (2007 grant) – Educational Development in Second Life: The Seeds of a New World for EDC  [Proposal; Interim; Final] 

Carol Miles (2007 grant) – A National Needs Analysis and Recommendations for Targeted Programming for Mid-Career Faculty  [Proposal; Interim; Final]

Gillian Siddall (2007 grant) – The Course Syllabus: Learning in a Nutshell  [Proposal; Interim; Final]

Heather Smith (2007 grant) – Northern BC Educational Developers Network  [Interim; Final]

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