Are mature students eligible?

There is no age limit, as long as you are enrolled full-time in a Canadian post-secondary institution and you are not a previous 3MNSF recipient.

Are international students eligible?


Are students enrolled in co-op programs eligible?

If your institution considers you a full-time student during co-op, you are eligible. Please note that nominees currently in co-op will need to have the person writing their nomination letter clearly explain the institution’s policies regarding co-op and full-time status.

Are students enrolled in undergraduate MD programs eligible?


What counts as ‘one semester of study’?

One semester of study is typically considered as one academic term.

What is a full time student?

A full-time student is one who is registered in the number of courses that the home institution designates as full-time status. Check the academic regulations of your own institution to verify what course load counts as full-time.

I am finished all of my degree work but I do not actually graduate until next year. Am I eligible?

No, the spirit of the 3MNSF is for students currently enrolled in a degree program.

I am a full-time student and will finish all of my degree work and graduate next year. Am I eligible?

Yes, since you are still enrolled in your degree program for the current academic year.

Can you say more about who the VP, Students is and what is needed from them?

The Vice President (VP), Students is not a student; rather he or she is a high-ranking administrator at your postsecondary institution who oversees student support and activities. Some institutions use other titles for this position such as Vice Provost, Students; Associate Vice President, Students; or Dean of Students.

Are graduate students eligible?

No. Students who have completed a graduate program at any time are not eligible.

Are joint programs with a graduate degree eligible?

No. Any degree, such as a medical degree that is coupled with a graduate degree, are not eligible for this award.

Are students enrolled in college programs eligible?

Yes, full-time students enrolled in college programs are eligible.

Are the nomination requirements and adjudication criteria the same for university students and college students?

Yes, the nomination requirements and adjudication criteria are the same.

Are students in a second undergraduate degree program eligible?

Yes, students in a second undergraduate degree and/or college program are eligible, as long as the student is not a previous 3MNSF recipient or has completed a graduate degree.

How are students notified of their status in the adjudication process?

Students will be notified by the end of April of the outcome of their nomination. Please refrain from contacting us, you will be contacted when decisions are ready.

Who are the adjudicators?

The adjudication team is a mix of faculty, staff, and students, including those who were recipients of the 3MNSF and the 3MNTF. No adjudicators review nominations from their home institution. See Adjudication Process for more information.

What is the adjudication process?

Adjudicators are asked to carefully read the Call for Nominations. They are provided guidelines and instructions to help clarify the adjudication process, mirroring the Call. Each nomination file is read by a minimum of three adjudicators. The nominations are distributed so that no adjudicators read a file from their home institution. If adjudicators know a candidate and/or feel they might be biased in some way, they do not read that file. Adjudicators are paired differently for each of their assigned nomination files. After reading each nomination file, adjudicators complete a scoring sheet, supporting their rankings with written comments, including some made directly to the applicant. See Adjudication Process for more information.

How many nominations can each postsecondary institution submit?

There is no limit on the number of nominations from one institution.


For more information, please contact award coordinator Cynthia Korpan

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