*Please note: These guidelines have been amended as of October, 2020.  Awardees are selected based on demonstrated outstanding excellence in two equally weighted categories:

  1. Leadership: Leadership involves leading significant transformation at a post-secondary institution at an institutional, disciplinary, community, and/or societal level that demonstrates a lived commitment to improving higher education and society. Leadership fosters and supports change, and leads to a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse post-secondary education landscape.
  2. Innovation: Innovation is the novel execution of ideas that contribute to more effective practices and supports for students in post-secondary education. The result of innovation impacts people in academia and beyond.

This Fellowship is supported by 3M Canada whose values are:

  • Supporting equity and inclusion in education, especially STEM education.
  • Equipping our future workforce to put a brighter future within reach for Canada and Canadians.
  • Advocating for science. 
  • Creating a better world through science and inspiring others to join us.
STLHE is Proudly Partnered With:

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