Congratulations to the team from Peter B. Gustavson School of Business for their collaborative project, the Northwest Aboriginal Canadian Entrepeneurs.

The team members are Dr. Saul Klein, Dr. Brent Mainprize, Ms. Charmaine Stack, Ms. Nicole Wallace, Ms. Helena Zhang, Ms. Ruth Young, Prof. Mark Bridge, Dr. Graham Brown, Dr. Mark Colgate, Dr. Vivien Corwin, Prof. Chris Graham, Prof. Mia Maki, Mr. Greg Martin, Ms. Francesca de Bastiani, Mr. Dave McKeever, Mr. Dan Nesbitt, Prof. Heather Ranson, Dr. Brock Smith, Mr. Cory Stephens, Ms. Jacquie Ridley Mr. Calvin Albright, Mr. David Try, Ms. Denise Williams, Ms. Jordyn Hrenyk, Mr. Frank Parnell, Mr. Fraser Earl, Mr. Arthur Mercer, Mr. Todd Dunlop and Ms. Robyn Kruger.

STLHE is Proudly Partnered With: