We encourage our members to join a working group. Help us build a national community to share findings and challenges, and to catalyze SoTL initiatives at the institutional, regional, national, and international levels! If you’re interested in any of the working groups described below, please get in touch with the contact person or with any member of the SoTL Canada executive.

If you have an idea for another initiative, please contact us!

Current working groups

SoTL Canada Roadshow Webinar Series

Previous working groups

  • SoTL Institutes (F2F or online) (on hold, but contact Nicola Simmons at nsimmons@brocku.ca if interested)

After much discussion about what format SoTL Institutes might take, and consideration also that plans are underway from other groups for STLHE and ISSOTL workshops, the SoTL Institutes group has decided that given questions about format (F2F/online; half day/week/something in between; cross Canada/institutionally-based) a survey of the STLHE membership would be needed before proceeding with a specific plan. At the same time, we acknowledge there may be interest in compiling outlines and resources for SoTL Institutes on which others may draw. We welcome others who may be interested in joining the group and pursuing these tasks in the future. Updated July 2015: results of the survey can be found here.

Our first publication — The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Canada: Institutional Impactis a special issue of New Directions for Teaching and Learning.The issue provides examples of the ways post-secondary institutions in Canada develop and sustain Scholarship of Teaching and Learning programs that have had a positive impact on the institutional pedagogical climate.

The SoTL Canada Collaborative Writing Groups are in progress, with Beth Marquis and Nicola Simmons as editors, and many SoTL Canada members and executive members participating. Expect to see our special issue of CJSoTL in June 2017!

  • Peer mentoring on SoTL

Some members have suggested it might be useful to develop a forum for people to engage in and support SoTL through a mentorship program. The SoTL Canada executive is currently exploring interest in such a program. Do you have ideas for ways to help connect mentors and mentees? We would appreciate your suggestions! Please contact a member of the executive.

The main initiative of the sub-group on student engagement is to strive for inclusive student engagement in SoTL and to promote the outcomes of student engagement in SoTL initiatives in Canada.  Our first step is to begin summarizing the scope of student involvement in SoTL activities in Canada.  We have designed questions for the SoTL – SIG survey and will be using these data to deepen our outreach and understanding of student engagement in SoTL activities. Our next steps also include examining the SoTL output by students over the last decade, and identifying key barriers to student involvement in SoTL initiatives. Updated June 2015: see most recent report at the 2015 annual meeting here.

  • SoTL Advocacy

We have also had some initial discussions about starting a National SoTL Advocacy working group (see here for notes from the June 2015 AGM).

Interested in joining an Advocacy working group? Please email Nicola at nsimmons@brocku.ca.

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