We encourage our members to join a working group. Help us build a national community to share findings and challenges, and to catalyze SoTL initiatives at the institutional, regional, national, and international levels! If you’re interested in any of the working groups described below, please get in touch with the contact person or with any member of the SoTL Canada executive.

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Call for Group Members for 2024 Canadian Collaborative Writing Groups

Applications are due February 8, 2024.

SoTL Canada invites applications for group members for the Canadian Collaborative Writing Group (CCWG) initiative. We invite applications for Group Members for the two groups based on the projects and facilitators we have selected. Below are brief descriptions of each of the projects.

1. Mapping the factors impeding the advancement of SoTL in Canada: A comprehensive examination from the perspective of contract and pre-tenured faculty members

As SoTL in Canada is often driven by contract and pre-tenure faculty, the aim of this writing group is to use surveys and semi-structured interviews to identify the challenges that Canadian contract and pre-tenured faculty encounter when engaging with SoTL in their profession. Findings from this study will therefore serve as a platform for understanding how to strategically cultivate the growth and recognition of SoTL within the Canadian educational landscape.

Group Leads: Lisa D’Amrosio & Natasha Ramroop Singh

2. Being curious about Indigenous Stories and SoTL

Indigenous cultural knowledge resides in stories that are shared for teaching and learning. Some non-Indigenous educators may struggle with how to engage with these shared stories [TRC Calls to Action: 62.ii, 63.iv] in a meaningful and respectful way. This writing group will explore this private struggle by reflecting and engaging our curiosity about the story in the context of our own teaching and learning.

Group Leads: Shawn Xiong & Bhuvinder Vaid

If either of these exciting projects sound interesting to you, please click here (https://forms.gle/Fq4So9iRY7PzWKVo8) to apply to be a member of one of these groups. Members will be selected based on interest and an effort to create strong, diverse teams. 
The inaugural SCWGs will convene for a face-to-face / in-person working session immediately prior to the STLHE24 conference in Niagara Falls, ON (June, 2024). Before and after the conference, the groups will work together online to ultimately produce a publishable manuscript no later than March 2025. All ICWG leaders, group facilitators, and participants are expected to attend the pre-conference working session in person, to register for and attend the conference, and to be (or become) ISSOTL members. There may be a nominal fee to be part of the SCWGs.

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