Call for Nominations: SoTL Canada Executive

May 14, 2021

In accordance with by-law 6.6 – Election of Officers, it is officially election time for the SoTL Canada Executive!  The following three positions are open for nominations as part of our regular annual election cycle:

  1. Vice – Chair
  2. Secretary
  3. Communications Officer

Each position’s term of office is two years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms, beginning June 2021 – typically at the time of the SoTL Canada AGM.

Any member of SoTL Canada may self-nominate or nominate an individual they believe ideal for the posted positions.

To nominate a candidate or yourself, we ask that you verify the following information:

  • The candidate is willing to run for the position;
  • The candidate is a member in good standing of SoTL Canada (or will be at the time of application);
  • They will be able to attend the SoTL Canada Annual General Meeting at the annual Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education conference held annually in June (virtually or in-person); and communicate electronically with general and executive members throughout their term; and
  • They are aware that the time and expenses associated with attending the Annual General Meeting of SoTL Canada, to be held during the Annual STLHE Conference, are the responsibility of the incumbent.

Please submit to the Nominations Chair (contact information below) a photograph, short biography and statement indicating their interest in the position (maximum 250 words in total) by Friday May 14th, 2021.

Nomination packages are due Friday May 14th, 2021 at midnight (PDT) to the Elections Chair.

Leadership Structure:

SoTL Canada operates on a peer leadership model, with members encouraged to join a committee and contribute to its goal. Of the elected executive positions (each for a 2-year term, renewal once), three are open in this election:

Vice-Chair:  Provides support to the Chair and stands in when the Chair is unavailable for official meetings and events.  The vice-chair assists the chair with running SoTL Canada executive meetings (approximately 9 per year); works with the executive to develop and contribute to special projects and initiatives as needed; attends the annual STLHE conference either online or face-to-face and assists with the development and running of the SoTL Canada AGM meeting and special session(s) in June.

Secretary:  Provides support to the SoTL Canada executive to maintain minutes of meetings, records of membership, and assists with special projects and initiatives of the executive as needed; attends the SoTL Canada executive meetings (approximately 9 per year) and the AGM at the annual STLHE conference.

Communications Officer:  The officer works with the STLHE Administration to help build the SoTL Canada website, develop promotional material, and to streamline communications with STLHE and our membership.

Notice of Interim Election:

In pursuant of SoTL Canada by-law 6.6.8, the executive has voted unanimously to proceed with an interim election for the position of Advisor on Student Engagement.  The individual elected by the membership will hold this seat for the remainder of the existing term – one year, starting in June 2021.

Any member of SoTL Canada may self-nominate or nominate an individual they believe ideal for the posted positions.

Advisor on Student Engagement:  This individuals’ role will be to advise the Executive on issues related to student participation in SoTL Canada.  The Advisor is also expected to attend executive meetings, and the Annual General Meeting at the STLHE conference.

Please see above for the nomination criteria, submission requirements, and deadline.

For more information about the executive positions of SoTL Canada, visit the website at:

Please send all nominations and inquiries to the elections chair: Jeni Spencer.  The subject line must be titled SoTL Canada Elections Nomination Package – [Position Name].

Elections will open after all nominations have been received – additional information will follow at that time.

All nomination packages for all positions are due Friday May 14th, 2021 at midnight (PDT) to the Elections Chair.

Thank you for your interest and contributions to SoTL Canada.

SoTL Canada Elections Committee
Dr. Carla VanBeselaere and Dr. Jeni Spencer

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