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The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) is pleased to partner with Holland College and the University of Prince Edward Island to host the 2023 Annual STLHE/SAPES Conference at the Delta Convention Centre in beautiful downtown Charlottetown from June 14-16, 2023. (Pre-conference workshops will take place June 13th.)

We invite you to submit a proposal using the guidelines below.  Post-conference all presenters will be invited to submit a paper to Collected Essays on Teaching and Learning.

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Conference Eligibility

Submissions are welcome from anyone interested in presenting to a multidisciplinary audience about teaching and learning in higher education. All attendees/presenters must register for the conference.

Multiple Proposals by the Same Author

Each attendee may propose one pre-conference workshop as either the primary presenter or co-presenter. Additionally, each attendee may submit up to three other proposals as either the primary presenter or co-presenter for main conference sessions.

Language of Proposals

The program committee welcomes submissions written in English or French or Indigenous Languages; presentations may be made in French, English or bilingual. We encourage sessions in which all participants will be able to understand and interact in one or more languages. Consider, for instance, PPT slides in one language and the presentation in another language or presenting in multiple languages. Submissions must be in the language or languages in which they will be presented.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The STLHE Equity Committee is working with the larger organizing group to ensure accessibility and inclusion throughout the conference planning and organizing process, as well as at the conference itself. While this planning is ongoing, we envision this including a variety of online presentation formats (both during and post conference), as well as attention to the broadest understanding of inclusion throughout the conference’s activities. See our Statement on Accessibility and Inclusion on the website for a statement of the Equity Committee’s commitment:

Proposal Submission streams

Scholarship stream

SoTL/SoED (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and Scholarship of Educational Development) are defined by their description of a systematic inquiry into a SoTL/SoED question related to teaching and learning in higher education. Abstracts should contain a brief background and rationale, research question or questions, methodology, and principal outcomes.

Practice stream

Practice sessions foster multidisciplinary collaborative learning and discussion of ideas about scholarship or evidence-based practice related to teaching and learning in higher education. Presenters share an aspect of their knowledge and/or practice related to teaching and learning, and encourage dialogue among attendees.

Other stream

These sessions are designed as neither Scholarship or Practice, enabling the presenters to indicate their preferred approach.

Proposal Submission Formats

Pre-conference Workshops

These half-day workshops are an opportunity for in-depth learning and application.

We invite proposals for pre-conference workshops covering aspects of teaching and learning and related scholarship in higher education. Workshops are 3 hours long and must provide the participants with an interactive experience (i.e., the majority of the workshop time should be participatory).

Presentation Formats

Interactive Workshops

Duration = 75 minutes of hands-on learning.

Workshops foster multidisciplinary collaborative learning and discussion of ideas. 

Oral presentations

Duration = 20 minutes + 5 minutes for questions.


Posters can be presented virtually online (available to all attendees) or in person (90 minute session for posters during the conference) .  Presenters engage with attendees during an interactive, hybrid poster session.

Round Table

Duration = 3 x 15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions (15 mins total per presentation)

Interactive discussions in small groups, where attendees rotate between tables to hear presentations on a variety of topics. Informal, interactive presentations are encouraged; powerpoint is discouraged. When the 15 minutes is up, participants move on to another table; this is repeated three times during the session.

Proposal Requirements

Language of presentation
  • English
  • French
  • Indigenous
  • Other
Submission stream
  •  Scholarship
  • Practice
  • Other
Submission Format
  • Interactive Workshop
  • Oral presentation
  • Poster presentation
  • Pre-Conference Workshop
  • Roundtable presentation

Proposals should be submitted by the corresponding author.


List the organization of each author listed in the proposal.

Title of Contribution

Provide the title of the proposal.


Provide up to three keywords.


Select all categories appropriate for your presentation:

●      Academic integrity

●      Anti-racist pedagogies

●      Diversity

●      Educational development

●      Equity

●      Inclusion

●      Indigenization

●      Interdisciplinary teaching and learning

●      Internationalization

●      Leadership and change

●      Online and hybrid teaching and learning

●      Scholarship of Educational Development

●      Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

●      Student learning and support

●      Teaching and learning in Arts

●      Teaching and learning in Health disciplines

●      Teaching and learning in Professional programs

●      Teaching and learning in Social Sciences

●      Teaching and learning in STEM

●      Theory and method in scholarship related to teaching and learning in higher education

●      Wellness in education

●      Other

Abstract (max 300 words)

Include importance of topic to teaching and learning, appropriate literature, and learning outcomes of the session. Workshop proposals must include a description of element(s) of engagement. Do not include author names and institutional affiliations in the abstract.


Provide up to three references, not included in the abstract word count.

How to submit

Submissions will close on January 30, 2023 (midnight).

Please note that submissions will be accepted through the platform ONLY. Please contact the organizers at with questions about the platform.

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