Narrated PowerPoints
What is a Narrated PowerPoint?

A good PowerPoint slide deck doesn’t stand on its own. The slides aren’t your presentation, you are giving the presentation, the slides are just visual aids. So how do you share a PowerPoint presentation without losing sight of that? Simple! Just add your own voice by recording the slide show. Audio narration can accompany Microsoft PowerPoint slides to create a self-contained multimedia presentation. All of the tools for recording and editing your narration are contained within PowerPoint.

Why Should I Use Narrated PowerPoints?

While not fancy, creating a narrated PowerPoint is a powerful way to share your content when you can’t do it in person. You can save the final product as a video file or as a standard PowerPoint so when viewers play the slide show they will hear your audio and the slides will advance based on the timings you have set.

Where can I Find More About Narrated PowerPoints?
Demo of This Technique

I use PowerPoint to create many different learning products and likely so do the rest of you. A narrated PowerPoint is one more way to align instructional material with Universal Design for Learning’s “Multiple Means of Representation” principle. Here is a sample of a narrated PowerPoint – it will provide you with a brief walkthrough of some of the uses for narrated presentations in online courses.

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