Recording Lectures

~May, 2022~

This week’s Teaching Tip is a recap of our Recording Lectures tips (#1-4)

What is a Screencast?

A screen recording or screencast is a narrated video recording of your computer screen. A screencast can comprise anything from still images (for example, slides containing text or photographs) to full motion (for example, the movement of your mouse cursor, drawing or writing on slide, video clips from lab demonstrations, and so on).

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What is a Narrated PowerPoint?

A good PowerPoint slide deck doesn’t stand on its own. The slides aren’t your presentation, you are giving the presentation, the slides are just visual aids. So how do you share a PowerPoint presentation without losing sight of that? Simple! Just add your own voice by recording the slide show. Audio narration can accompany Microsoft PowerPoint slides to create a self-contained multimedia presentation. All of the tools for recording and editing your narration are contained within PowerPoint.

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What is Kaltura and How Do I Use It?

Kaltura is an effective tool for uploading and creating videos in your course and can be used for these tasks: Uploading large video files to stream, creating video quizzes, and creating screen recordings.

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I Know What Zoom Is….How Do I Use It?

Zoom can be used to pre-record lectures that include screen sharing and/or a view of the speaker. You can have Zoom automatically make an audio transcript of the recording. This can later be manually attached to the video.

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