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When: Wednesday June 12th, 2019 – 12:40 pm to 1:40 pm Central Time Zone

Where: Winnipeg RBC Convention Centre, York 4

Reference Material:

  • 2018 AGM Minutes
  • SoTL Regional Groups – Survey Summary Results
  • SoTL Canada By-Laws

Call to Order and Welcome

The Chair (B. McCollum) opened the AGM with a welcome and greetings from the SoTL Canada executive.  The agenda for the meeting was reviewed and the floor was opened for any questions prior to discussing official items of business.  There was a total of 29 attendees consisting of 19 members, 5 non-members, and the 5 executive members.  Quorum for voting purposes stipulates that there be a total of 15 members be in attendance – this was achieved.

Approval of the Agenda

The Agenda was provided to the membership in advance of the meeting.  Members were asked to provide any feedback, changes, or questions regarding the agenda prior to approval.  No changes were requested during the meeting.  A motion to approve the agenda was made by M. Kerry and seconded by M. Hamilton and approved by the membership.

Approval of 2018 AGM Minutes (June 21st, 2018)

Minutes from the 2018 AGM were distributed to the membership for review prior to the meeting.  Prior to the AGM an amendment was requested to the “Goals for 2018-2019” section.  It was suggested that the last sentence be rephrased to: “It was asked how the proposed resource(s) would differ from this website that was set-up by a previous SoTL Canada Chair.”  This change was highlighted in the copies of the minutes passed out for review during the AGM.  No comments or questions were posed regarding the amendment.  No additional changes were requested.

A motion to approve the 2018 SoTL Canada AGM minutes was made by C. Ives, seconded by A. Webb, and approved by the attendees.

SoTL Canada By-Laws

The SoTL Canada Executive was tasked with developing by-laws for the constituency during the 2018/2019 term.  This process involved substantial effort on the part of the executive with a series of reviews and input from the STLHE Board.  The EDC (Educational Developers Caucus) by-laws were used as a template for both format and content development.  The final version was shared with the membership prior to the AGM and a copy was provided during the meeting.  Each section was described and outlined by the Chair.  An amendment was made to the voting timeline for new executive members just prior to the AGM indicating a longer timeframe for executing the voting process.

After the by-laws were reviewed the floor was opened for questions.  Clarification was asked as to why SoTL Canada members also must be members of the STLHE?  It was outlined that because SoTL Canada is a constituency of the STLHE, it is therefore a requirement that SoTL Canada members be a STLHE member in good standing.  No further questions were asked.

A motion to formally adopt the SoTL Canada by-laws as presented was made by Vice-Chair M. Hamilton and seconded by G. Grant.  Only SoTL Canada members were asked to vote on the motion: 19 approved and 3 abstained.  The motion carried and the by-laws are officially adopted and recognized by the constituency.

SoTL Canada Logo Contest Results

Results of the SoTL Canada Logo Contest were shared by secretary J. Spencer who presented the new logo (see image below).  Details regarding the logo design and designer, Dr. Sophia Palahicky, were shared with the attendees.  Dr. Palahicky was thanked and congratulated for her contributions.  A full description of the design and the interview with Dr. Palahicky is posted on the SoTL Canada website – attendees were encouraged to visit the website to learn more.

SoTL Canada Regional Groups – Vice-Chair

This spring, the executive launched a survey to determine if there was interest in launching regional SoTL groups.  M. Hamilton presented an overview of the survey results that showed there is an interest; especially for the purposes of collaboration, networking, and having an opportunity to engage in SoTL research formally.  It was recognized that some regional groups already exist and that the hope is for future collaborations with these groups.

The floor was opened up for questions from the attendees.  It was mentioned that a group similar to these is currently being established; however, there is hesitation in joining with SoTL Canada due to the requirement of being a STLHE member.  Whether or not a member of a regional group will also have to be a member of SoTL Canada (and therefore STLHE) is something that the executive will have to look into as it is not clear at this time.  The general consensus is that if members of the regional groups must also be a member of the STLHE, there will be limited participation or support moving forward.  It was then suggested that in order to help ensure these groups can become self-sufficient, SoTL Canada should provide or develop a series of resources that can be used to facilitate SoTL projects and collaboration.  A comment was added that this type of initiative may be ideal for using STLHE funds to hold a regional conference focused on creating regional SoTL collaboration.

Over the next year the SoTL Canada executive will explore the development of regional SoTL groups and report back to the membership as necessary.  The purpose, process, administration, and logistics of these groups will need to be solidified first before putting them into action.

Use of Residual CWG Funding for SoTL Canada – Treasurer

A balance of $1731.60 remains in the SoTL Canada general purpose account from the Collaborative Writing Groups (CWG).  At the 2018 AGM, permission was given to include this amount as part of the SoTL Canada general budget and re-purpose it as needed in the future.  To date, no funds have been required and the finances remain unchanged.

Adjourn – Chair

A motion to adjourn was made by A. Webb, seconded by K. Meadows, and approved.

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