STLHE is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative entitled Snack Bites. We are introducing Snack Bites with the intention of helping our members better lead the conversations about issues affecting students, faculty, staff, and administrators. As Canada’s preeminent transdisciplinary organization promoting teaching and learning, STLHE recognizes the opportunity and responsibility to create opportunities for dialogue. Our objective is to promote discussion on teaching and learning-related issues confronting our academic community.

January 2023: Vol. 1 Ed. 1 In defence of the importance of first-year courses and the faculty who teach them

March 2023: Vol. 1 Ed. 2 I’m not okay either’: The mental health and wellbeing of faculty

October 2023: Vol. 1 Ed. 3 Preparing our learners and ourselves

January 2024: Vol. 2 Ed. 1 Black Studies in Teaching and Learning

March 2024: Vol. 2 Ed. 2 A Way Forward Despite Our Challenges

June 2024: Vol. 2 Ed. 3 EDI in the classroom: Just what are we talking about anyway?

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