You can read Volume 13 here.

We are excited to announce the publication of Volume 13 of Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching (CELT).

CELT is an annual publication with the intended purpose is to encourage conference presenters to put the essence of their workshops and concurrent, round table, and poster sessions in essay form for a wide readership interested in teaching improvement practices in higher education. Each volume of CELT has published papers from the previous year’s STLHE annual conference based on the conference themes.

  • Volume 13 focuses on the 2019 STLHE Annual Conference theme of Guiding the Journey: Learner – Teacher – Learner with the following articles.
  • “How can we help all students RISE?” – Mathieu Chin, Mathew Dueck, Taylor Irvine, Owen D Luo, Ethan Pohl, Mariam Ragab, Hayat Showail, Tonya-Leah Watts, Tingting Yan, Enav Z Zusman
  • “Using Knowledge Mobilization to Promote Student Engagement in Health Promotion on Canadian Campuses” – Danielle de Moissac, Candice Waddell, Nadine Smith, Rhéa Rocque
  • “Building Metacognition and Critical Thinking Using a Deliberate Approach” – Sheetal Donaldson
  • “Student and Instructor Perceptions of a First Year in Active Learning Classrooms” – Michael P. A. Murphy, Jovan F. Groen
  • “Learning in Teams” – Kathleen Manion, Nooreen Shah-Preusser, Trish Dyck, Susan Thackeray, Sophia Palahicky
  • “Sequential Writing Assignments to Critically Evaluate Primary Scientific Literature” – Suzanne Wood
  • “Guiding a Better Experiential Learning Journey by Making It HIP Again” – Lisa Endersby, Geneviève Maheux-Pelletier
  • “Creating an Authentic International Development Learning Opportunity” – Lori Beckstead
  • “Navigating the landscape of pedagogical training: The journeys of three mathematics graduate students” – Matthew Coles, Fok-Shuen Leung, Vanessa Radzimski, Pam Sargent
  • “A collaborative approach to developing transferable teaching skills among student workshop facilitators” – Elizabeth Ismail, Laura Chittle
  • “Oral Assessment as a Culminating Activity for Faculty Development” – Diane Salter, Shannon Rushe
  • “Online Instructor Development: A COOL story” – Nick Baker, John Freer, Fujita Nobuko, Alicia Higgison, Mark Lubrick, Brandon M. Sabourin, Jane Sylvester, Paula M. van Wyk
  • “Exploring the impact of a task-based faculty development certificate program.” – Diane Salter, Shannon Rushe
  • “The Laurentian University CAE Coffeehouse” – Bettina Brockerhoff-Macdonald, Kelly Brennan, Megan Houle
  • “Maclean’s Magazine University Rankings (1998-2018)” – Kenneth Cramer, Denise DeBlock
  • “Higher Education Under Surveillance” – Allyson Skene, Jessica Raffoul, Laura Chittle
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