We are delighted to announce the publication of Volume 15 Issue 1 of  The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CJSoTL)/La revue canadienne sur l’avancement des connaissances en enseignement et en apprentissage (RCACEA), an official, trans-disciplinary, peer-reviewed, electronic publication of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

CJSoTL/RCACEA seeks to advance the scholarship of teaching and learning in Canadian post-secondary institutions. It, therefore, provides an avenue for a wide range of educators, including faculty members, administrators, academic librarians, educational developers, learning resource specialists, and graduate students, to discuss ways of enhancing student learning experiences through systematic inquiry into teaching and learning in all disciplines.

We invite submissions, in either English or French, from anyone, including international colleagues, interested in discussing teaching and learning issues that are relevant to different types of institutions in the Canadian context.

Volume 15 Issue 1 continues to exemplify this significant contribution to the SoTL literature with the following articles:

“Facilitating Scientific Inquiry Skills through Fiction-Based Learning”

Michael Wong, Avery P. Clavio, John T. Vu, Gian R. Agtarap, Betty Su, Shaaf Farooq, and Elizabeth C. Cates

“The Choice is Theirs: Students Achieve Positive Outcomes when Offered Flexibility in Course Assessment Options”

Sawyer E Coulter, Paige Coyne, and Dave M. Andrews

“Student Engagement Across Course Teaching Modalities”

Carla VanBeselaere and Toni Roberts

“Undergraduate Research Learning in the Liberal Arts: A Case Study of Transformative Student-Faculty Collaborations”

Christine D. Tsang, Catharine Dishke Hondzel, Irene Cheung, Andrea King, Britney Hunter, Lucas Savino, Scott Schofield, and Deanne van Tol

“Decolonizing the Higher Education Curriculum: An Evaluation of Incorporating Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Pedagogy”

Lindsey Jaber, Cynthia Stirbys, and Christina Saint-Cyr

“How Students’ Perceptions of Assignments that Help Them Learn Can Inform Course Design Decisions”

Carolyn Samuel, Eva Dobler, Bruktawit Maru, and Mariela Tovar

“Student and Faculty Perceptions of Ineffective Teaching Behaviours”

Lynne N. Kennette and Morgan Chapman

“Navigating Nursing Student Anxiety: A Conceptual Model”

Lisa Anne McKendrick-Calder, Christine Shumka, Tanya Heuver, Cheryl Pollard, Kylie Morey, Thomas Chase, and Shivani Solanki

“Using Mindful Practices to Support Capacity for Empathy and Compassion Among Senior Undergraduate Health and Social Services Students: A Mixed Methods Study”

Jasna K. Schwind, Heather Beanlands, Angel H. Wang, and Emma MacGregor

“Designing our Thinking: Examining the Effects of Experiential Learning and Design Thinking on Creativity, Innovation, and Collaboration Skills Development in the Undergraduate Classroom”

AnneMarie Dorland

“Facing the Limitations of Teaching and Learning Committed to Solidarity and Social Justice: A Feminist Approach”

Miglena Todorova

“The Right Relationship Between Teaching and Educational Technology: How Ursula Franklin’s Technology as Practice Can Guide SoTL”

Jason Openo

“The Effects of Virtual Lab Delivery on Motivation, Learning, and Academic Success”

Erin Dancey and Michael Williams-Bell

“Students’ and Instructors’ Perceptions of the Benefits and Drawbacks of Using a Twitter-based Assignment in an Undergraduate Public Health Nutrition Course”

Miriam Price, Karla Boluk, Elena Neiterman, and Sharon I. Kirkpatrick

“What Drives Nursing Students’ Social Media-Related Decisions in their Learning Practices? A Survey of an Ontario School of Nursing”

Catherine Giroux and Katherine Moreau

“A Comparison of Virtual Communication Software on Perceived Engagement, Enjoyment, Social Connectedness, and Willingness to Communicate in a Virtual Undergraduate Classroom”

Ali Al-Humuzi, Gemini Lo, Sunwoo Shon, Ajay Gandhi, Dimitrios Deris, Louise Huang, Douglas E. Colman, Jason Sumontha, and Michael Wong

“Learner-Educator Co-creation: A Case for Enhancing Authentic Assessment in Nursing Education”

Laura A. Killam, Pilar Camargo-Plazas, and Marian Luctkar-Flude

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Brett M. McCollum, Editor-in-Chief

Ken N. Meadows, Managing Editor

The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

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