Board of Directors | Call for Nominations

May 3, 2024

The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) invites nominations for seven (7) positions on its Board of Directors.

About the Board 

The Board of Directors, consisting of twelve (12) members, is elected by the membership of the Society to oversee the Society’s activities. The Society elects its Directors, and the Directors elect, amongst themselves, the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board is responsible for setting the Society’s general policies and achieving its intended goals by planning and ensuring continuity of the Society’s activities.


Most of the Board’s business is conducted by email and online video conferencing. Meetings are held approximately once per month by online video conference and in person once or twice a year, such as during the STLHE Annual Conference in June.

Term of Office

The term of office is three years, beginning in June 2024 and ending in June 2027.

Position Requirements
  • You are an STLHE member in good standing.
  • Your work experience is aligned with the vision and goals of STLHE.
  • You are willing to lead and be part of a team.

Information about the current Board can be found here:

Nomination Process
  • If you are interested in this position or know of a good candidate, we encourage you to make a nomination.
  • Self-nominations are welcome.
  • STLHE warmly welcomes nominations from individuals of all cultural backgrounds and gender identities.
  • Send your package by email to the Chair of the Nominations Committee: Melanie Hamilton at
  • Reach out to the individual you’d like to nominate and inquire if they are open to having their name put forward.
  • They should then provide a concise 500-word statement of interest that outlines their relevant qualifications, experience, and reasons for seeking the position.
  • This statement should include:
    1. A brief overview of their background and experience (around 200-250 words)
    2. A summary of their motivation and aspirations for the role (around 200-250 words)
  • The nominee can compose their statement in either English or French, according to their preference. The Society will handle the translation into the other language.


If you’re nominating yourself, submit a succinct 500-word statement of interest that highlights your pertinent skills, experience, and motivation for the role.

Your statement should comprise:

  • A short description of your background and experience (approximately 200-250 words)
  • An explanation of your motivation and ambition for the position (approximately 200-250 words)

You can write your statement in your preferred language, either English or French, and the Society will take care of translating it into the other language.

Deadline and Confirmation 

The deadline for nominations is May 3/2024.  The Chair of the STLHE Nominations Committee will contact the candidate by email to acknowledge and confirm the receipt of their nomination to the Board of Directors.


Any questions can be directed to Melanie Hamilton, Chair of the Nominations Committee. This is a very exciting time in the Society’s history, and you will join a very passionate and talented group of people. Please help us to improve student learning and the status of teaching in Canada.

For more information about STLHE By-laws, policies, and governance, visit the website at:

The STLHE Nomination Committee


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