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Geneviève Maheux-Pelletier, York University (2019 EDGE)  Co-applicant: Marie-Christine Dion, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
By providing ISW/FDW training, this exchange aims to build capacity in delivering the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) at French-speaking institutions. It is a lever for collaboration and inclusiveness of our Francophone colleagues whose engagement with EDC and the ISW has been limited due in large part to the language barrier.
Proposal | Interim Report (pending: Final Report extension until June 2021)     (tags: Instructional Development, French-speaking)

Michelle Ogrodnik, McMaster University (2019 EDGE)  Co-applicants: Erin Aspenlieder, McMaster University; Elliot Storm, McMaster University; Natasha Kenny, Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning; Patti Dyjur, Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning; Joseph Topornycky, UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology; Christina Hendricks, UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology
As graduate level training in the field of educational development (ED) is limited, the goal of this exchange is to share knowledge and gain feedback about the Student Educational Developer program—a new experiential learning program for interested graduate students to train as educational developers.
Proposal  | Interin Report (pending: Final Report extension until Spring 2021)  (tags: Educational development training; Graduate Student Development)

Robin Attas, Queen’s University (2019 EDGE)  Co-applicants: Tim Yearington, Queen’s University; Michelle Yeo, Mount Royal University; Lee Easton, Mount Royal University; Gabrielle Lindstrom, Mount Royal University; Roberta Lexier, Mount Royal University
This exchange connects Indigenous and settler peoples supporting faculty decolonizing education at two institutions. The host institution team has developed a “disrupting interview” technique; visiting EDs will learn the technique and pilot its application in their own institution. Participants will share and deepen understanding around educational responses to decolonization.
Proposal | Interim Report | Final Report        (tags: Decolonization)

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