Summary of minutes

Results of an online Directors’ vote held April 27 – 28 were noted: revisions to Policy 3 (Nominations Committee) were approved unanimously; that the Board ratify a nomination for Student Advocacy (failed to pass; majority not reached due to abstentions); and a motion to extend the nomination period (passed). 

Reports were received from Student Advocacy, Awards, the Nomination Committee (via the Secretary), the Secretary, and Bilingualism. 

A motion to put the 2016 audited financial statements before the membership at the 2017 AGM was unanimously carried. 

Additionally, a motion to reappoint McCay Duffy LLP as auditors at the AGM was carried by consensus. 

Elaine Kho was unanimously voted in as the new D2L Innovation Award Coordinator.

This summary of minutes was prepared by:

Miriam Carey
Secretary, STLHE

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