Summary of minutes

The President confirmed that the 2021 annual conference will celebrate STLHE’s 40th anniversary, the 40th anniversary of the conference itself, and the anniversary of CJSoTL. 

The Board approved a motion that offered two regional conferences the opportunity to resubmit their proposal for a virtual regional event. 

The Treasurer noted that memberships are often renewed at the conference, so we may see a decline this year although none was evident at the time. 

Reports were received from all portfolios as well as the Executive Director. 

The President thanked all Board members for their contributions and made special acknowledgement of our outgoing Board members: Erika Kustra (EDC Chair), Brett McCollum (SoTL Canada Chair), Brandon Sabourin (Student Advocacy Chair), and Dianne Bateman (Publications Chair).

The Board then discussed governance responsibilities and types of Boards, moving onto an analysis of the questionnaire responses. An ad hoc committee was struck to examine and return to the Board in September with recommendations. This committee includes Michelle MacDonald (Executive Director), Laura Kinderman (Vice-President), Elana Cooperberg (Treasurer), Miriam Carey (Secretary), and Carolyn Hoessler (EDC Communications).

This summary of minutes was prepared by:

Miriam Carey
Secretary, STLHE

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