Summary of minutes

The meeting was held during the EDC Institute. Reports were received from EDC, CSEC, Partnerships, and 3M Council. 

The STLHE membership survey results were analysed and discussed in detail and next steps were considered. 

There was lengthy discussion about the recognition and acknowledgement of our award recipients. The “Pat Rogers Poster Prize” was renamed to the “Pat Rogers Poster Award”. 

A bilingualism policy was discussed. 

The Board is developing an anti-bullying policy. 

The Nominations Committee Policy 3 was revised; the motion was withdrawn after discussion and will be revised and brought back in March. 

A motion to revise Policy 5.2, article 4 (Board meeting executive summary) was passed unanimously, noting minutes will be posted to the STLHE website after Board approval commencing March 2017. 

An in camera conversation was held about a TAGSA peer-reviewed journal.  The TAGSA logo was reviewed. 

The 2017 Nomination Committee membership was approved unanimously.

This summary of minutes was prepared by:

Miriam Carey
Secretary, STLHE

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