Summary of minutes

A traditional land acknowledgement opened the meeting in this face-to-face meeting in the traditional territory of the Coast and Straits Salish people. 

Reports were received from the EDC, Partnerships, CSEC, and 3M Council. 

Policy 3b was revised in relation to the Innovation Award and a motion was unanimously passed which changed the name from Brightspace to D2L, setting out funding, and the two-year individual STLHE membership for ward winners. 

The Letter of Agreement between UBC and STLHE for CELT was approved unanimously. Discussion concerning the separation of the CELT budget from the Annual Conference budget ensued. 

The Secretary provided an update regarding 2018 elections and the nominations process. The Board approved a motion put forth by the Secretary to approve the four volunteers willing to serve as the Nominations Committee. 

A STLHE civility policy was discussed as Article 13 is deemed not to be able to address some particulars; the President and the 3M Council Chair committed to bringing something before the Board at a later date. 

The President facilitated a discussion of the STLHE Goals and Purpose; a report will collate results and be presented later to the Board. 

The Board discussed the provision of additional advance funds to the Annual Conference organizers; no decision was made but further information will be sought on this issue. 

This summary of minutes was prepared by:

Miriam Carey
Secretary, STLHE

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