Summary of minutes

Pat Maher joined the STLHE Board as the 3M Council Chair. 

The Keep Teaching webinar series was going well and was well received. 

The Board reserved June 8 for its all day Board retreat; the AGM is planned for June 11. 

The Board approved the 3M Fellowship Terms of Reference Committee, which is an ad hoc STLHE committee focused on implementing the new agreement within the next three months. 

The Board also approved a Code of Conduct, Confidentiality Policy and Confidentiality Undertaking document, and a policy concerning Privacy and Content Use on all STLHE websites. 

Our subscription to Basecamp will be cancelled as soon as possible, given its relative underuse. 

A new Board member orientation process and package was piloted on Pat Maher and these materials will continue to be developed.

This summary of minutes was prepared by:

Miriam Carey
Secretary, STLHE

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