2018 3M National Student Fellows

Top: Mohammad Asadi Lari, Amy Blanding, Michael Graeme, Yahlnaaw / Aaron Grant, Deborah Jenkins.
Bottom: Alexandra Meikleham, Maxwell Nicholson, Martha Paynter, Cara Samuel, Chloé Soucy.

3M Canada and the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education are delighted to introduce the recipients of the 2018 3M National Student Fellowship:

Mohammad Asadi Lari, Cellular, Anatomical and Physiologial Sciences, University of British Columbia
Amy Blanding, Multidisciplinary Leadership, University of Northern British Columbia
Michael Graeme, Anthropology and Environmental Studies, University of Victoria
Yahlnaaw / Aaron Grant, First Nations Studies, University of Northern British Columbia
Deborah (Debbie) Jenkins, Environmental and Life Sciences, Trent University
Alexandra Meikleham, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Calgary
Maxwell Nicholson, Economics, University of Victoria
Martha Paynter, Nursing, Dalhousie University
Cara Samuel, Clinical Psychology, University of Victoria
Chloé Soucy, English Literature, Bishop’s University

The 3M National Student Fellowship Award was introduced in 2012 to honour undergraduate students in Canada who have demonstrated qualities of outstanding leadership and who embrace a vision where the quality of their educational experience can be enhanced in academia and beyond. Each candidate provided us with their definition of leadership in the context of his or her educational experience. We also asked applicants to explain why they aspired to leadership roles and to share a challenge in post-secondary education along with a proposed solution.

This award to full-time students at Canadian post-secondary institutions who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their lives, at their post-secondary institution. These students embrace a vision of education that enhances their academic experience and beyond.

This partnership between 3M Canada and STLHE is an exciting opportunity for students across Canada to distinguish themselves as part of a unique learning community.

Each of the ten winners receives a $5,000 award, registration at the STLHE conference, this year hosted by Université de Sherbrooke and Bishop’s University, participation in a day-long retreat held in Sherbrooke, Québec as well as accommodation and funds towards travel to the conference. They are invited to take part in a collaborative project related to post-secondary education.

This year’s cohort of 3M National Student Fellows continues the legacy that began in 2012 – a legacy that we know will assist many future years of undergraduate students across Canada.

Find out more about the individual Student Fellows here.

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