In this episode, Dr. Pat Maher and Dr. Jessica Riddell introduce themselves and the Narratives of Failure and Hope project.

thanks for joining us today for a series

of conversations under the topic of

narratives of failure and Hope

my name is Jessica Dell and I’m one of

the co-hosts of this series I am a

professor of Shakespeare and early

modern literature at Bishops University

in the English Department I’m also the

Stephen jaroslovski chair of

undergraduate teaching excellence

I am lucky enough to to have been

invited into the 3M Fellowship in 2015

and to have met my co-host Pat Mayer Who

had joined the fellowship one year

earlier in 2014.

so hi everyone I’m Pat Mayer I’m a

professor in physical and health

education as well as the dean of

teaching at nippersing University I am a

3M National teaching fellow from 2014 as

well as a fellow of the international

Society for the scholarship of teaching

and learning

so the one thing that we know about

joining fellowships of outliers and

innovators is that we are always

learning and we are always failing and

we’re always despairing and then picking

ourselves up both as individuals but

also in communion with the other so in

the spirit of this we decided to explore

from the different perspectives of

award-winning Educators across the world

to think about the the things that are

very much present in our day-to-day

lives so we reached out to 3M fellows in

Canada but also fellows in the UK in

Europe in the global South and in

australasia to look at this from a

series of perspectives

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