This episode draws the series to a close. Jessica and Pat say thank you to all the thought partners we were able to chat with, all the funding partners for their financial support, and all of you for watching!


thanks for joining us today this

conversation was made possible by a

scholarship of leadership and education

Seoul Grant from 3M Canada as well as

the nipissing university teaching Hub

and the Stephen a jaroslotsky chair in

undergraduate teaching Excellence at

Bishops University

as Parker Palmer and Arthur jeanik say

in the heart of higher education

sometimes good conversations are ends in

themselves good simply because they are

enjoyable and edifying at other times

something stirs in the participants and

larger forms of dialogue and action take


so we hope that these were edifying

conversations entertaining and

insightful but we also hope that you

might have gleaned some insights into

re-imagining the context that you

inhabit whether that’s professional or

disciplinary or institutional and that

you can take them into future facing

spaces so that we can think and learn

differently as we move into 21st Century

Learning in institutions of higher


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