An STLHE member who is interested in writing a Green Guide should submit a formal proposal to the Chair of Publications who will review it along with 3–4 selected members of the Green Guide Editorial Team. The proposal should follow the guidelines as set out below.

1. Outline

The outline should consists of 2-3 pages (500 – 750 words) and describe the manuscript in its entirety. It should contain the main issues to be dealt with in the guide. These might take the form of a list of topics or sections, with a brief description of each. It should also indicate the main audience for the guide and state why the guide will be of use to the readers.

2. Author’s Biography

The proposal should include a brief statement of the author’s / authors’ background with special reference to the focus of the proposed guide.

3. Length of Guide

The proposal should contain an indication of the guide’s length, bearing in mind that Green Guides are usually between 60 and 75 pages (typically around 17,000 words).

4. A Tentative Timeline

The timeline will be covered in more detail in Step 2. However, the initial proposal should cover the author’s / authors’ tentative schedule for the writing of the proposed Green Guide.

5. Table of Contents

This should be listed separately from the outline and include the title of each chapter.

6. Sample Chapter

A sample chapter or section would be useful and might be requested at a later date.

7. Key References

Key references, works cited, or a selected bibliography would be preferable to a full bibliography.

6. Copyrighted Material and Ethical Statement

If copyrighted material is used, it is up to the author(s) to make arrangements to clear the Copyright for use within the guides (See Step 3). This is true of an ethical statement, if it is needed. The promise to arrange any releases should be included by the author (s) in the written proposal.

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