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You are invited to join Canada’s most passionate advocate to improve the quality of learning and teaching in Post Secondary Education. 


Established in 1981, we are the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) representing over 60 member universities and colleges; 750 faculty, administrators, educational developers, 3M National Teaching Fellows and students from across all provinces. Please browse the site to learn about our national awards program, publications, conferences and more.

 Our new charitable arm, Teaching Learning Canada (TLC) sponsors and raises public awareness about the important issues affecting post secondary education through conferences, colloquia, publications and through the media. 

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On a practical level, you will have regular access to learning and teaching experts across the country from your discipline and a comprehensive set of resources bound to improve your practice.

Your tax-deductible $25 inaugural membership fee will go directly to support the charitable activities of Teaching and Learning Canada.

 Your benefits will include:



In summary, the STLHE community unites college and university faculty, educational developers, national teaching award winners, administrators, students, librarians and staff to collectively advocate and enhance Canadian teaching and learning in all post secondary institutions.


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Thank you for joining STLHE – Canada’s most passionate advocate for improving the quality of learning and teaching in Post Secondary Education.



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