The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CJSoTL) is the official, trans-disciplinary, peer-reviewed, electronic publication of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

CJSoTL/RCACEA seeks to advance the scholarship of teaching and learning in Canadian post-secondary institutions. It therefore provides an avenue for a wide range of educators, including faculty members, administrators, academic librarians, educational developers, learning resource specialists, and graduate students, to discuss ways of enhancing student learning experiences through systematic inquiry into teaching and learning in all disciplines.

We invite submissions, in either English or French, from anyone, including international colleagues, interested in discussing teaching and learning issues that are relevant to different types of institutions in the Canadian context. Published articles can be found on the journal’s website.

Volume 10 Issue 2 continues to exemplify this significant contribution to the SoTL literature with the following articles.

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Characterizing SoTL Across Canada

Genevieve Newton, Janice Miller-Young, and Monica Sanago


Navigating the Lows to Gain New Heights: Constraints to SoTL Engagement

Andrea S. Webb


Educational Leadership in Teaching Excellence (EnLITE): A Peer-Driven Faculty Development Program

Andrea C. Buchholz, Janet Wolstenholme, Jeji Varghese, J. Andrew Robinson, Jennifer Spencer, and Jennifer Reniers


Emergence of Different Perspectives of Success in Collaborative Learning

Sarina Falcione, Eleanor Campbell, Brett McCollum, Julia Chamberlain, Miguel Macias, Layne Morsch, and Chantz Pinder


The Possible Learning and Teaching Benefits of Short Mind-calming Exercises in Undergraduate Course

Paul Grogan


Introducing a Late Bank in Online Graduate Courses: The Response of Students

Meadow Schroeder, Erica Makarenko, and Karly Warren


An Exploration of Writing Self-Efficacy and Writing Self-Regulatory Behaviours in Undergraduate Writing

Kim M. Mitchell, Diana E. McMillan, and Rasheda Rabbani


A Three-Pronged Approach to Helping Students Internalize APA Style based in Self-Determination Theory

Lia M. Daniels and Kathleen E. Kennedy


Book Review: Classroom Action: Human Rights, Critical Activism, and Community-Based Education

Norma-Jean Nielsen