The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CJSoTL) is the official, trans-disciplinary, peer-reviewed, electronic publication of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

CJSoTL/RCACEA seeks to advance the scholarship of teaching and learning in Canadian post-secondary institutions. It therefore provides an avenue for a wide range of educators, including faculty members, administrators, academic librarians, educational developers, learning resource specialists, and graduate students, to discuss ways of enhancing student learning experiences through systematic inquiry into teaching and learning in all disciplines.

We invite submissions, in either English or French, from anyone, including international colleagues, interested in discussing teaching and learning issues that are relevant to different types of institutions in the Canadian context. Published articles can be found on the journal’s website.

Volume 9, Issue 1 (2018) continues to exemplify this significant contribution to the SoTL literature with the following articles.

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Shaping and Supporting Teaching, Learning, & SoTL: An Introduction to Issue 9.1

Elizabeth Marquis and Ken Meadows


Teaching and Researching Ethically: Guidance for Instructor-Researchers, Educational Developers, and Research Ethics Personnel

Michelle K. McGinn


Chemistry Professors’ Perceptions of Undergraduate Learning

Tanya Chichekian, Olivia (Liv) Hua, and Bruce M. Shore


Between Knowing and Learning: New Instructors’ Experiences in Active Learning Classrooms

Andrea Phillipson, Annie Riel, and Andy B. Leger


As Good or Better than Commercial Textbooks: Students’ Perceptions and Outcomes from Using Open Digital and Open Print Textbooks

Rajiv S. Jhangiani, Farhad N. Dastur, Richard Le Grand, and Kurt Penner


Self-Regulation and “Time Off”: Evaluations and Reflections on the Development of a Blended Course

Natalie Spadafora and Zopito Marini


We Learn by Doing”: Teaching and Learning Knowledge Translation Skills at the Graduate Level

Andrea V. Breen, Kate Twigger, Caroline Duvieusart-Déry, Jessica Boulé, Alessia Borgo, Reisha Ferandes, Mercerina Lychek, Sarah Ranby, Christine Scott, and Emma Whitehouse


Navigating the Tensions of Innovative Assessment and Pedagogy in Higher Education

Jennifer Lock, Beaumie Kim, Kim Koh, and Gabrielle Wilcox


Centres for Teaching and Learning across Canada: What’s Going On?

Sarah E. Forgie, Olive Yonge, and Robert Luth


Sparking SoTL: Triggers and Stories from One Institution

Klodiana Kolomitro, Cory Laverty, and Denise Stockley