By subscribing to the STLHE-L listserv, which has been active since 1988, you will join approximately 1,000 subscribers from across Canada and around the world.


You will have access to dedicated teachers, educational developers and award winning teachers to discuss what is most important to you in learning and teaching. You will also periodically receive announcements of special events, invitations  to conferences, discussions of current and enduringly important issues. And, perhaps most useful, you will have the ability to search the archives of the list that go back to 1991 for posts on issues of importance to you.

You do not have to be a member of the Society to be part of the Listserv.

Commercial messages

The STLHE ListServ is intended as a forum for postings that keep with the vision, goals, values and purpose of the Society.

The STLHE ListServ is not the appropriate venue for commercial messages (e.g. posts that promote a for-profit service, product or venture) and messages of this nature should not be posted.

There are three ways to subscribe to the forum:

After receiving confirmation of your subscription from the listserv, you should address your correspondence to STLHE-L@UNB.CA

Vacation Notice

To put the list on hold when you’re away and want to use an out-of-office message, either:

  1. Send an email saying only SET STLHE-L NOMAIL to LISTSERV@UNB.CA, or
  2. Go to the STLHE-L archive by clicking the “adjust your subscription” link at the bottom of every STLHE-L message, click on “Subscribe or Unsubscribe,” and select “Mail delivery disabled temporarily.”
When you return, either send a SET STLHE-L Mail message or uncheck the Mail delivery disabled box.


Listserv Archives

To access the listserv archives, click here.

You do not have to be a member of the Society to be part of the listserv.