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September email blast

In this email blast: From the President’s desk, Nominations committee, Purple professor says, Consider upgrading your STLHE profile, Newsletter archive, and Upcoming dates and deadlines. (Having trouble seeing this email? Use this link.)             

Robert_225From the President’s desk
On behalf of the Society, Robert attended the ICED (International Consortium for Educational Development) Council meeting in Victoria held just prior to our Annual Conference in Vancouver. In his report Robert fills us in on the various networks, of which STLHE is one, that make up ICED and their plans for the coming year, subscription to their journal (IJAD) at a discounted rate, and STLHE’s contribution of $5000 over the next three years.

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Voting_250Nominations committee
As required in the new By-laws (6.07b) each year the Society strikes a nominations committee responsible for identifying candidates to fill positions on the STLHE Board that will become vacant in the coming year. We are still looking for members of the committee and if you are interested please contact me, Jon Houseman STLHE Secretary, and we’ll get this Committee up and running. We have at least four Board positions to be filled: President elect (becoming President June 2017), Secretary, and Chairs of the Standing Committees for Publications and College Advocacy.

PurpleProf_250Purple professor says
« Those non-academics, they’re always on about something, just can’t leave us academics alone. Now they want us to train graduate students for employment unrelated to the academy. What nonsense. People come to grad school to be trained by academics to get jobs in academia. It’s not my fault if there aren’t enough academic positions, just invest some money and create some more. It’s all jargon anyway: Alt Ac , indeed; that’s almost as bad as Thx or NGI or TGIF or something. Look: when I was in grad school, not so long ago, the favorite interview question was ‘But can you type?’ Everyone had to learn how to touch type with ten fingers. Guess what: I took Mavis Beacon’s typing course and after two months practice I got 75% accuracy and 80 words per minute. Typed my own doctoral thesis, published a dozen papers, and twenty reviews, retook the typing test and scored 99% accuracy at 127 words per minute and that was with just three fingers. I’m not a BNF , but let’s get into RR with some AC . And while we’re at it, let’s deduct two fingers, and raise one to those political meddlers: make it the middle one. »
Legend: Ac-Alternative Academic, Thx-Thank you, NGI-Next Generation Internet, TGIF-Thank God It’s Friday, BNF-Big Name Fan, RR-Risk Reduction, and Ac-Actual Commitment.

The Purple professor has allowed us to archive all his past contributions on the Web Page Purple Professor Says on the STLHE website. Follow this link for past words of wisdom and PP’s take on Higher Education.

WildAppricot_225Consider upgrading your STLHE profile
The Wild Apricot Membership software manages data for STLHE members and renewal notices, announcement and email blasts like this are sent through their website. The start of the school year is a great time for new beginnings which could include updating your contact information and profile by following the link to the STLHE Members Center. While you are doing that, why not join one of the Society’s Special Interest Groups. Follow this link to the STLHE Membership Center.

NewsletterOldCover_250Newsletter archive
Inside the STLHE members centre is an archive of past newsletters. In the move of the STLHE Offices from McMaster to Ottawa we located many of the “old newsletters.” Over the summer I scanned these into PDF format and added them to the archive; Drop by and see pictures and commentary from the past award winners and Society news. We are still missing some issues and if you happen to have a copy, and are willing to pass it along, I’ll add it to the archive. (Use this link – password required if you aren’t already logged into the STLHE Membership Centre)

Upcoming dates and deadlines:
  • MAGNA Online Seminars: Various topics and dates from August through until October. Use links on the STLHE website for special discounted prices for STLHE members.
  • CELT 2016: Deadline for submissions is September 30, 2015
  • EDC 2016 Annual Conference: Educational Developers without Borders, Host by the University of Windsor and St. Clair College, February 16-18, 2016,
  • STLHE 2016: Hosted by Western University and Fanshaw College June 21-24, 2016
  • ICED and HELTASA joint conference, Cape Town, South Africa, November 23-25 with preconference workshops on November 22.

Jon Houseman
Secretary, STLHE.

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