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Call for Nominations for the STLHE Board of Directors

Attention: Your nominations requested please by 24 April 2020

The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) invites nominations for the following three (3) positions on its Board of Directors:

1. President
2. Chair of the Standing Committee for Publications
3. Chair of the Standing Committee for Student Advocacy

*Chair of the Standing Committee for Student Advocacy must be a student member of STLHE.

Term of Office: The term of office is three years, beginning in June 2020 and ending in June 2023.

Position Requirements:

  • You are an STLHE member-in-good-standing.
  • Your work experience is aligned with the vision and goals of STLHE.
  • You are willing to lead and be part of a team.
  • Your oral communication skills in both languages are encouraged and, if lacking, we will support the development of language skills as necessary.

Position descriptions from:


The President (Article 7.2 — President) is a Director and Officer of the Society and subject to the authority of the Board, is the Chair of the Board, and as an Officer of the Society is Chair of the Executive Committee. As Chair of the Board and Executive Committee the President provides the overall direction and leadership of the Society by ensuring that STLHE’s national and international activities are in accordance with the Society’s Bylaws, Vision and Goals and by obtaining the consensus of Board and Executive Committee members. The President is responsible for advocating for the Society and maintaining the Society’s profile as a pre-eminent national voice, and world leader, for enhancing teaching and learning in higher education. The President, in consultation with the Secretary and Treasurer, oversees the work of the STLHE Administrative unit.

Consistent with Policy 8 —Travel, the President’s expenses, registration, travel, accommodations and meals, are covered by the Society and this includes attendance at the STLHE Annual Conference, EDC Winter Conference, Face-to-face meetings of the Board, any travel expenses incurred when representing STLHE, and monthly cell phone charges. Annual STLHE and EDC membership fees are not covered by the Society.

Chair: Publications Standing Committee

(Policy 2.3 — Standing Committees)

The publications of the Society include: Green Guides, Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching (CELT), the Canadian Journal on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CJSoTL), and the STLHE Newsletter. With the exception of the Green Guides, revenue from the sale of publications offsets publication costs and furthers the Society’s Goals and Objectives; revenue from Green Guides is split equally between the Western University Bookstore, Teaching and Learning Services at Western University, and the Society.

The general responsibilities of the Chair (who is a Director on the STLHE Board) and the Standing Committee are to further the vision and goals of STLHE through the Society’s publications and any other duties and publications authorized by the Board. These other publications may include “Briefing papers”, position papers, conference proceedings and academic journals.

In undertaking these responsibilities the Chair works closely with the Editorial Boards of CJSoTL and CELT, Editor of the Newsletter, and the Annual Conference organizing team. The Chair is the Senior Editor of the Green Guides and, with Green Guide Editorial team, sets standards and priorities, calls for proposals, receives and coordinates peer review of submissions, and oversees their publication and publicity.

Chair, Student Advocacy Standing Committee

(Policy 2.5 — Standing Committees)

The general responsibilities of the Chair (who is a Director on the STLHE Board) and the Standing Committee, are, along with any other duties authorized by the Board, to represent the voices of students enrolled in Canadian post-secondary institutions by endeavouring to ensure support for them, and their involvement with the Society. The Chair brings to the Board the ideas and concerns of students regarding their learning experiences in higher education, and works with the Board to ensure that students comprise an active group within the pursuits and decisions of the STLHE.

The Board of Directors and your role

The STLHE Board of Directors is often described as a “working board.” This means its members not only lead the organization but develop capacity amongst STLHE members by coordinating working teams to accomplish the tasks of each Standing Committee. Possessing an internal sense of commitment and developing a consistent allocation of time to your portfolio will be critical to moving the important work of the Society forward.

If you are willing to take on this kind of exciting challenge, we strongly recommend you contact the incumbent of the role that interests you to get an idea of the “ins and outs” of the position. A complete listing of the Board of Directors and their contact information is available on the STLHE website.

Meetings: Typically, there are two scheduled face-to-face meetings of the Board of Directors each year; one at the STLHE Annual Conference (usually in June), and the second late in the fall of that academic year. Between these meetings, the Board’s business is primarily conducted by monthly videoconference and email. While board members are expected to seek financial support from their home institution to attend face-to-face board meetings, should no funding be forthcoming travel expenses to attend the face-to-face meetings will be covered by STLHE. In the past some Board members have been successful seeking modest financial support from their institutions for taking on this important national role.

Nomination Process: If you are interested in this position or know of a good candidate, please consider making a nomination. Self-nominations will be accepted.

  • Submit a photo and a brief 250-word expression of interest indicating your relevant experience, skills, and motivation for the position. Your expression of interest can be written in your preferred language of either French or English and the Society will prepare the translation into the other language.
  • Include a letter of support from your institution. The letter should include an indication of the kinds of supports that would be available to you (e.g. time, financial) if you are elected.
  • Send your package by email to the Chair of the Nominations Committee, Andrea Webb (email:

Deadline and Confirmation: The deadline for nominations is Friday, April 24, 2020. The Chair of the STLHE Nominations Committee will contact the candidate by email to acknowledge and confirm the receipt of their nomination to the Board of Directors.

Questions? Any questions can be directed to Andrea Webb, Chair of the Nominating Committee. This is a very exciting time in the Society’s history and you will join a very passionate and talented group of people. Please help us to improve student learning and the status of teaching in Canada.

For more information about STLHE By-laws, policies, and governance, visit the website at:

Thank you for your interest and contributions to STLHE. We look forward to hearing from you by Friday, 24 April 2020.

The STLHE Nominations Committee:

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