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New issue of CJSoTL (Special Issue)

We are delighted to announce the publication of “ePortfolios in Higher Education: A Special Issue of The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning”.

This special issue is guest edited by Matthieu Petit, Nicole Monney, and Christophe Gremion in partnership with CJSoTL-RCACEA Associate Editor Sawsen Lakhal. It contains work that originated from two symposia on the digital portfolio, which were part of an international congress on higher education held in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 2016, as well as submissions generated following an open call for submissions to the special issue. The articles included, in French and in English, provide studies from across Canada and Europe and focus on the implementation of the digital portfolio in different contexts and for varied purposes (i.e. for learning, assessment and professional development).

“ePortfolios in Higher Education: A Special Issue of The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning” makes a significant contribution to the SoTL literature with the following articles:

Le portfolio numérique en enseignement supérieur: Introduction à un numéro spécial de la RCACEA
Matthieu Petit, Nicole Monney, and Christophe Gremion

Enjeux et tensions de l’implantation et de l’utilisation du portfolio numérique en enseignement supérieur
Matthieu Petit, Nicole Monney, and Christophe Gremion

Engaging with ePortfolios: Teaching Social Work Competencies through a Program-wide Curriculum
Alice Schmidt Hanbidge, Colleen McMillan, and Kyle W. Scholz

Collective Approaches to ePortfolio Adoption: Barriers and Opportunities in a Large Canadian University
Elan N. Paulson and Nicole Campbell

Accompagner et évaluer le stagiaire dans la réalisation de liens entre les savoirs théoriques, didactiques, pédagogiques et expérientiels : le point de vue d’enseignants associés et de superviseurs universitaires sur l’apport du ePortfolio chez le stagiaire
Nicole Monney, Nadia Cody, Roxanne Labrecque, and Carolinne Boisvert

Deconstructing the Notion of ePortfolio as a ‘High Impact Practice’: A Self-Study and Comparative Analysis
Robin A. Mueller and Haboun Bair

L’expérimentation du eportfolio à l’université : questionnements autour de la réflexivité
Caroline Le Boucher, Geneviève Lameul, and Hugues Pentecouteau

L’implantation du e-portfolio dans un programme par compétence en science infirmière : le cheminement de 10 ans
Suzanne Harrison, Jeanne Godin, and Suzan Bastarache

“Tell Me About Yourself” – Using eportfolio as a Tool to Integrate Learning and Position Students for Employment, a Case from the Queen’s University Master of Public Health Program
Brenda Melles, Andrew B. Leger, and Leigha Covell

Beliefs or Intentionality? Instructor Approaches to ePortfolio Pedagogy
Crystal T. Tse, Kyle W. Scholz, and Katherine Lithgow

L’implantation du portfolio électronique et le développement des environnements personnels d’apprentissage des étudiants
Stéphanie Boéchat-Heer

L’e-portfolio pour collecter et gérer les traces de l’activité : exemple d’une formation à l’enseignement instrumental et vocal
Elsa Paukovics, Pierre-François Coen, Angelika Güsewell, and Valentina Giovannini-Cartulano

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Elizabeth Marquis, Senior Editor
Ken N. Meadows, Managing Editor
The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

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