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Summer 2018 STLHEgram

President’s Message

Denise Stockley, STLHE PresidentIn June, many of our members came together at STLHE 2018 in Sherbrooke to connect and reconnect with our colleagues and to learn from each other. Our hosts, Denis Bédard and Corinne Haigh provided a fantastic venue in Sherbrooke through their partnership with Bishop’s University, Université de Sherbrooke, Champlain College – Lennoxville, and Cègep de Sherbrooke. It is at the conference where our Annual General Meeting is held and at our AGM we announced a number of exciting initiatives which you will hear more about in the fall including funds for co-branded regional conferences, the relaunch of the Alan Blizzard Award, funds for Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and an increased emphasis on a bilingual communications strategy. We also gave our thanks to Bob Sproule, our Treasurer who completed his term and has left us from with a grounded financial footing. As STLHE is a member-driven organization, our strength is always found from within the membership. As such, we welcome Elana Cooperberg as incoming Treasurer, Laura Kinderman as Vice-President, and Valerie Lopes as Chair – Awards. This fall promises to be an exciting time within STLHE and I encourage you to think about volunteering to be part of the leadership team through participating with the STLHE Board or through one of our constituents, SIGS, publications, or awards.

Calling all Science Folk!

We are excited to announce that STLHE has a new affiliate, created to provide a forum for Science Teaching and Learning (SciTL).

SciTL aims to provide a mechanism for the exchange and development of ideas around science teaching and learning, to facilitate networking for the purpose of scholarship, and to advocate, as needed, for science education.

Our objectives are to:

  • Provide a Forum for ongoing sharing of ideas, innovations, questions, and research across the country and across, as well as within, scientific disciplines;
  • Provide a network for those interested in connecting with others for the purpose of teaching innovation, research, and scholarship;
  • Provide an opportunity to develop a voice for scholarly post-secondary science teaching and learning in Canada;
  • Develop liaisons with similar networks and working groups globally; and
  • Create a space where discussion around the science-society connection can develop as this linkage continues to grow and evolves globally.
We are currently putting this forum together and will keep you posted as it evolves! To join our e-mailing list or to inquire further, contact Anne Marie Ryan or Mary Power via

2019 EDC Conference: Positive Resilience and the Future of ED(C)

2019 EDC Conference word art
Each year in February the EDC community comes together to share good practice, to make and invigorate friendships and networks. Physically getting together in the middle of a Canadian winter can be challenging, and the costs of travel and accommodation can be an inhibitor for some.

In 2019 we are taking a new direction for one year only—we are going ONLINE! Join us in keynotes, parallel sessions and EDC Showcase. We will be encouraging in person meetings as well as online presentations and discussions, the in person meetings will be arranged on a regional basis.

The theme is Positive Resilience and the Future of ED(C). We will be encouraging discussion of resilience as it impacts on us as a professional group and as individuals. We will be reflecting on the future of our profession and of our professional organization.

Calls for proposals will be out in September.

Greetings From Teaching Assistant and Graduate Student Advancement (TAGSA)

TAGSA LogoAt this year’s STLHE conference, TAGSA hosted a rich roundtable discussion on the future of graduate education. A special thank-you to our panelists and please visit our website for an overview of the session and our AGM. Under the leadership of TAGSA executive Natasha May, the 2018 TAGSA Award for Outstanding Conference Session Led by a Graduate Student was awarded to Michelle Ogrodnik (McMaster University) for her session, “The era of screens, sitting, and studying: Harnessing the benefits of exercise to promote learning in higher education”.  Michelle examined the impact of exercise on learning, finding that incorporating just 5-minutes of exercise into a 50-minute online course improved attention and comprehension for learners. Congratulations Michelle!

Elections were held for TAGSA’s new leadership and we have several new and returning executives to guide us through the next two years. We will be meeting over the summer to discuss our goal to promote and increase our engagement with the TAGSA community. Please contact if you would like to be added to the TAGSA-specific listserv or wish to learn more about how to be involved with TAGSA. Stay tuned for our exciting plans over the next two years!

Updates from the Partnerships Portfolio

Renewed Partnership Agreement with D2L

STLHE is pleased to announce its continued partnership with Desire2Learn as our sponsor of the D2L Innovation in Teaching and Learning Award. The Society renewed its original partnership agreement from 2011 for another five years. We toasted our partnership and celebrated this year’s award recipients at the D2L Award dinner held at the conference with John Baker, President and CEO of D2L and D2L Senior Account Executive, Jake Heimpel. Thank you D2L for your continued support and recognition of innovation in teaching and learning! Information about D2L and the recipients of all STLHE award programs can found on the STLHE website under the awards section.

New CELT Editor and STLHE Partner

CELT LogoWorking with Publications Chair, Dianne Bateman, STLHE signed a partnership agreement with Dr. Jannick Haruo Eikenaar of the University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus) to provide editorial leadership of the Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching (CELT) publication. Special thanks to Dr. Neil Haave of the University of Alberta and his editorial team for overseeing the continued success of the publication, while under his tenure!

New Special Interest Group (SIG)

The Society welcomes a new SIG – the Science Teaching and Learning SIG or SciTL. Refer to the announcement above for more information and SIG contact details.

Special Funding for STLHE Special Interest Groups

In June of this year, the STLHE Board approved funding for special interest groups of the Society. The application process is currently being developed and will be taken to the Board in September or October of for approval. Watch for an announcement in the Fall about how to apply for funding (up to $500 per year) in support of special projects and initiatives. Thanks to Society members for sharing input on the 2017 membership survey. This funding responds directly to member feedback.

Multi-year Conference Sponsors

At our June meeting, the STLHE Board approved a framework and agreement structure to establish multi-year conference sponsors. Starting with the 2019 conference, STLHE will be approaching established (and new) conference exhibitors to explore multi-year conference sponsorship opportunities. The sponsorship framework and supporting materials will be included in the STLHE Conference Manual.

Policy 7: Sponsorship, Associations, and Partnerships Updated

Updates to Policy 7 were made at the June Board meeting to revise agreement requirements and the process for establishing agreements with new and existing partnerships. Refer to the STLHE website for the updated policy.


For more information or questions about these and other partnership initiatives, please contact Jeanette McDonald, Partnerships Chair, at

Award Portfolio Updates

3M National Fellowships Welcome Two New Coordinators

We are pleased to welcome Cynthia Korpan from the University Victoria as the new 3M National Student Fellowship Coordinator and Deborah Dawson from Western University as the new 3M National Teaching Fellowship Coordinator. A huge thank you to the outgoing coordinators, Maureen Connley from Brock University and Shannon Murray from the University of Prince Edward Island. It would not be possible for STLHE to have an Awards program without the volunteer coordinators.

Pat Rogers SoTL Poster Award

The Pat Rogers Poster Award has a new name and along with the new name a new focus. Beginning with the conference in Winnipeg in 2019, there will be a SoTL requirement for the posters to be eligible for the Award. Details about this change will be shared in the Fall. We welcome Melanie Hamilton from Lethbridge College as the new coordinator.

Alan Blizzard Award

After a short hiatus, the Alan Blizzard Award will be returning in 2019. The Award criteria is currently being updated so that it is open to teams, from any post secondary institution, that exemplify collaboration in teaching that enhances student learning. The updated criteria will be posted at the end of September.
D2L Innovation in Teaching and Learning Award
The due date for nominations for the D2L Award, STLHE’s International Teaching Award, will change in 2019. The application packages will be due in early January 2019 so that the award recipients can be notified with enough time to plan to attend the STLHE conference.

Christopher Knapper Awards

The Christopher Knapper Lifetime Achievement Award and Outstanding Volunteer Award alternates each year. At the STLHE Board meeting in June, a motion was passed to rename the Outstanding Volunteer Award, to avoid confusion about which award is being presented each year. The Outstanding Volunteer Award will be offered in 2019 with nominations for the Award due at the end of February 2019.

For further information about the STLHE awards please visit our website.

Updates from the Educational Developers Caucus (EDC)

Exciting New Projects Supported by the EDC Grants Program

In spring 2018, the EDC received four proposals seeking grant funding for projects to advance educational development in Canada, and beyond. Peer-review of the applications identified the following two particularly promising projects that were awarded funds.

  • Cultivating an institutional culture that values teaching: Collecting and collating promising practices.
    • Jill Grose, Lori Goff, Ken N. Meadows, Debra Dawson, Donna Ellis, Paola Borin, Joseph Beer, Lynn Taylor, & Peter Wolf
  • Research on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Upgrade of Annotated Literature Website.
    • Nicola Simmons

Congratulations to the grant recipients and thank you to all of the applicants for your dedication to educational development. And many thanks to our fantastic reviewers: Adam Chapnick, Isabeau Iqbal, Klodiana Kolomitro, Carmen Larsen, Rebecca Taylor.

Save These Dates! 2018 EDC Not Just Another Webinar

Not Just Another WebinarThe EDC is hosting Not Just Another Webinar in October 2018. Free for all EDC members, this series of online, interactive sessions are an opportunity to learn about the great work our diverse Action Groups have been engaged in. Join your colleagues to discuss and reflect on a variety of themes related to our work and our field.

The Not Just Another Webinar series will feature both interactive workshops and facilitated discussions. An interactive workshop is an immersive and engaging professional development opportunity, where members can dive deeply into a particular area of knowledge and/or work on developing a particular skill. Discussion-based sessions are semi-structured opportunities to discuss a topic of interest – these discussions are facilitated but are driven by member engagement and interest. Your registration will provide you with access to all sessions listed.

Additional details, including dates and times for the sessions, are available online for your review.

We anticipate that registration will open in early August. Interested participants should block out their calendars now!

Resource Review Wants Your Opinion

The EDC Resource Review publishes reviews of materials relevant to educational developers. After a hiatus, the Resource Review is returning in the fall to focus on one of the following themes:

  1. Making online learning engaging and empowering;
  2. Great leaders and why we need to be leaders in the classroom; or
  3. Diversity and inclusion in the classroom – creating global citizens.

Cast your vote online about your preferred Resource Review theme by August 31st!

Upcoming Events & Dates

2019 EDC Conference. Online for 2019! February 19 to 22, 9 to 12 PST, 10 to 1 MST,  11 to 2 CST, 12 to 3pm EST, 1 to 4 AST, 1.30 to 4.30 NST. Call for proposals to be announced in September.

EDC “Not Just Another Webinar” Series. Featuring both interactive workshops and facilitated discussions, the series is an opportunity to learn about the work EDC Action Groups have undertaken.

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