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Call for Adjudicators at STLHE 2017 for TAGSA Award

At the upcoming STLHE conference, TAGSA will once again award a graduate student with the TAGSA Award for Outstanding Conference Session Led by a Graduate Student.

If you are attending the STLHE conference this June, you can volunteer as an Adjudicator for the TAGSA award.

Adjudicators will attend a minimum of one STLHE conference presentation led by a graduate student who has applied for the TAGSA award. A short rubric will be provided to adjudicators by the TAGSA Awards Committee. Each session will be adjudicated by more than one volunteer.

If you would like to volunteer:

  • Please email to let us know at
  • Prior to the conference, you will be contacted by the Award Committee with a request to select specific sessions for adjudication.
  • Closer to the conference, you will be asked to confirm and commit to your attendance, and you will be provided with a copy of the Award Rubric.
  • Immediately following the session, you will be able to drop off your Award Rubric at a central location (TBA) at the conference.

We hope you will consider volunteering to adjudicate for the TAGSA Award. Details about the award and the rubric used by adjudicators are attached. Details may also be found at:

Those interested in adjudicating the award, please contact us by June 12th. For further information, please email TAGSA at

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